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ft wayne , IN • United States • 37 Years Old • Male
Off the top I'd Like to say that I Love the Winter classic and I will watch no matter what teams are playing, but with that said the game should be directed towards the non-typical hockey fans and Markets. The NHL doesnt have the Luxury of having 15 to 20 National games a week, the have 15 to 20 national games a YEAR, so having this game in the National Spot light is huge. I Have an Idea that... Read More »


Posted July 13, 2009
Does it really Feel like Ten Years ago When our Hearts Were Broken by a Foot. Even Though it was Game 6 it just Felt if the Sabres were Able to Stave off Elimination that the Cup would have been ours. Brett Hull- two words NO GOAL Many people say that sabres fans should quit making such a big deal about this, well Im going to revisit this Fiasco. If in fact this goal was legal then wh... Read More »
I just want to start by saying that some of you sabre fans should really be ashamed of yourself. People are being very critical of the Sabres Brain trust which is very understandable, but you really look at everything that has Transpired since the Lockout, the Sabres have had a plan. they established a team out of the lockout that was structured for the new NHL and played very well. although t... Read More »

Buffalo, Success or Failure

Posted July 28, 2007
Well Lets start be saying that I believe in Darcy, Lindy, Mr. Quinn & Mr. Galisano. They Brought this team back from near expolsion. Back when the Knox brothers brought the Sabres into the NHL, they had a dream and a hope that this team could and would be great. The Sabres were one of the quickest teams to make the Stanley cup finals. They had Great players and a great following. Then c... Read More »

Post Your Sabre Captain Vote HERE

Posted July 12, 2007
After reading all of the Negative Blogs on the Sabres and All of the Press of the Former Captains Whom Will Remain Nameless. I figured I would write about something that could get the fans Smiling again. See We have a Terrific Team, Two players dont make a team and as far as Im concerned this team is headed in the right direction THE FUTURE. So thinking in the future. Lets Put a Vote to the... Read More »