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Does it really Feel like Ten Years ago When our Hearts Were Broken by a Foot. Even Though it was Game 6 it just Felt if the Sabres were Able to Stave off Elimination that the Cup would have been ours.

Brett Hull- two words NO GOAL

Many people say that sabres fans should quit making such a big deal about this, well Im going to revisit this Fiasco. If in fact this goal was legal then why did Mr. Gary Bettman and Mr. Colin Campbell decide to change the Rule after the season. I Just didnt understand then and I still dont understand now.

I suppose i would feel a little better if the NHL would have at least admitted that they made a mistake and that would have been a start.

In all reality the Rule its self was flawed, if any part of a players skate or body was in the blue paint in the crease when a goal was scored, it would be considered a goaltender interferance Penalty. It didnt make any sense, a player who really didnt have any contact with the goalie would get a penalty ? I am glad that they fixed that flawed rule, but in all actuality it was still the rule.

I am writing about this because ten years ago we were all still reeling over this stupid rule and now i am here to put it to bed once and for all.

When you get down on yur team, whether it be the Sabres, Canucks, Stars, Wings, or any other of the top notch organizations in the NHL, remember You are lucky. Lucky to be a Fan of the NHL.

Someday it may be our turn to be on top and someone else will feel robbed. Well ya never know.
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