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New N.Y. Rangers blogger

Posted November 2, 2007
Howdy, Well this sure is a strange turn of events... someone in Hockeybuzz's management has clearly lost their marbles and let a degenerate like me have the keys to the team blogger bathroom. I would really thank Eklund for giving me the opportunity to do this. Not that he was left with any choice after BD threatened to post his next 16 Islander blogs in Braille unless I was made the Ranger tea... Read More »
An open letter I sent to the Madison Square Garden Channel and to the NY Rangers 9/25/07 Dear to Whom it may concern, I'd really like to know why last night's and now tonight's game are not being televised. I mean really, is it that important you guys show the 1978 Harlem Wizards vs. the cast of Fantasy Island on Al Trautwig's "the Vault"? I know I'm itching to see some hockey, and... Read More »

Hail to the King, Baby!

Posted July 11, 2007
[img]http://www.blazingconcepts.com/img/syd/kinghenrik.jpg[/img] As I sat in my bedroom in the nude, watching reruns of Miami Vice on TV land and eating some cold pizza my red emergency Dr. Teeth phone rang. I reached over my pile of feathered boas, empty condom wrappers, ruffies and paternity suits I picked up the receiver and belched into it. A loud voice boomed in my ear, “Lundqvist RESIG... Read More »

NHL Getting No Respect

Posted July 7, 2007
I was sitting reading that paper in my stained, moldy silk robe sipping my Starbucks latte, shoving a spoon full of chocolate rice krispses down my throat as I perused the Sports section of my local newspaper. All this UFA/RFA excitement of yesterday had me itching to see what was what. All this speculation on the blogs and HFboards, I needed some nitty gritty cold hard facts to go on. Wtf i... Read More »

About Me

Favorite Teams

N.Y. Rangers, Calgary Flames, Minnesota Wild, Toronto Maple Leafs, The Muppet Variety Intramural Floor Hockey Team

Most Hated Teams

The Long Island Fishsticks, N.J. Devils, Buffalo never seen a cup Sabres, Stan Fischler

Favorite Players

Mark the Messiah Messier, Bernie Nichols, Joey Kocur, Sean Avery

Most Hated Players

Martin Brodeur, anyone wearing a Fishsticks jersey, Dominick Hasek

Best Hockey Memories

Thy Holy 94 Stanley Cup, Stephan Matteau's double overtime goal, Joey Kocur knocking the fillings out of Jim Kyte.

As a hockey player, I compare to...

Your mother.

Favorite HockeyBuzz Bloggers

B.D. Gallof washes my car. I AM NOT A DENTIST