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Alright we are getting down to crunch time. With seven games left in the season this is how it's looking. Calgary - 3 Colorado - 2 Edmonton -1 Minnesota - 1 I know I have cursed the schedule earlier this year, for those many back-to-back-to-back games or the 5 days off stretches, but this could be the best way to finish the season. Everything is in our hands, if we win we are in,... Read More »

Canucks Video Tribute

Posted March 24, 2008
With the Canucks being so close to securing a playoff spot, I thought it would be a great chance to look back and get the juices flowing. Please take a look at this video from Youtube. A Great Video Tribute If anything I am pumped for the playoffs. Read More »

Defending NorthWest Champions ?

Posted March 20, 2008
Why Not ? Who would of thought 2 months ago when the Canucks were tied for 10th place in the Western Conference that with 9 games left in the season they would be within striking distance of defending the Northwest division that they won in style last year. Let me tell you I for sure didn't, I assumed we were doomed with Nashville and Phoenix knocking at the door. Both teams by the way... Read More »
Pretty Major news to hit before game time tonight. Ohlund has swelling in his left knee from bone chips. [url]http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=231363&hubname=[/url] This will no doubt change some of the factors of tonights big game against Nashville, only because Ohlund logs easily 25 plus minutes a game. Not to mention he is a rock on the point for the powerplays. This report... Read More »
I've said it before, and now I am officially saying it. The Canucks can only make the playoffs with 96 points. History proves to be very reliable, especially in the last few years. Last year the Canucks by this time of year were tearing up the Western Conference with a impressive 2nd half of the season. This year, well... it's not quite the same. We are struggling with those close 1... Read More »

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