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Why Not ?

Who would of thought 2 months ago when the Canucks were tied for 10th place in the Western Conference that with 9 games left in the season they would be within striking distance of defending the Northwest division that they won in style last year.

Let me tell you I for sure didn't, I assumed we were doomed with Nashville and Phoenix knocking at the door. Both teams by the way are looking great, and soon enough they will be right there. So if we make it this year, next could be a different story. I strongly believe that Phoenix will be a team that will be competing for a spot next year. Not to mention Colorado, Minnesota, and Calgary playing great hockey all year.

So 2 months ago, just about everything could of happened to the Canucks.
Lose to Los Angeles, out goes 6 key defencemen, and to add to the pile our Captain, the leading Canuck goal scorer of all time has forgotten how to score. It wasn't looking pretty, and I am not saying that everything is better now. But this just seems like the year that we just happen to get it done.

However we wouldn't be even close if it wasn't for 3 key players. These three players have been the deciding factor all year, if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be here. Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows and Luongo. Luongo is a obvious addition to that list, but Kesler an Burrows ?

Now we don't need to go into the history here about "frik and frac" but the combination of those two have been outstanding this year. Kesler alone has been a instrumental component for the canucks, logging almost as much ice time as our best defense. Kesler who many underestimated a year ago, has proven that he is worthy of being a 1.8 million dollar man.

So here we sit 9 games to play and we have a chance.

Drop over to Canucks.com and take read Jeff Paterson's Article.
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