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Alright we are getting down to crunch time. With seven games left in the season this is how it's looking.

Calgary - 3
Colorado - 2
Edmonton -1
Minnesota - 1

I know I have cursed the schedule earlier this year, for those many back-to-back-to-back games or the 5 days off stretches, but this could be the best way to finish the season. Everything is in our hands, if we win we are in, if we lose there is a good chance we will miss the big dance.

The final standings are starting to take place. Currently we are 2 points above Colorado(8), and 2 points away from Calgary(6). But my original prediction of needing 96 Points is still what I am standing behind. That leaves us 10 points away from a guaranteed place in the playoffs. It's possible that it could take less to make the playoffs, but I am saying 96 because of what happened in the last few years in the west, plus factoring in who we would want to face in the first round. Not Detroit !!

Winning 5 games of the remaining 7 will give us those 10 points, which is highly unlikely, I am thinking maybe 4 wins. Anyway you look at it, it's going to come down to the wire. However I have the one piece of the puzzle that will get the Canucks into the playoffs for sure. Play Trevor Linden. He's been the most reliable player when it's all on the line, and the record shows it.

When Linden Plays the Canucks are 28-17-6
When he isn't in the lineup they are 10-10-4

In the next 7 games, when everyone will be fighting tooth and nail for every minute, every shift, every goal. Who better to have on the ice fighting on your side ? If we have any chance of holding onto the playoff hopes that we have now, the Canucks need to continue to ride the Linden horse all the way.
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