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As Blair Betts lay on the ice yesterday afternoon, again the Gary Bettman Gestapo neglected to make a legit call in favor of the Rangers. It's become, predictable that the officials will miss a Capital crosscheck to the back of Avery. They failed blatantly in game 4 to rescue themselves as Callahan hit the ice with a trip and 18,000 fans managed to witness the crime. But having a chance to redeem themselves only 10 seconds later , they turn away as Dubinsky's face hit the glass two times in a row from an opposing Washing defensemen. The calls have been weak on both sides as a two hand touch NHL is slowly unraveling. A slash to break a stick, marginal interference, and too many men on the ice are all the top priorities in the NHL. They continue to miss the right calls for goalie interference, as Kozlov made sure he forced a shoulder into the chest of Henrik Lunqvist on Sunday. Brandon Dubinsky was bit on the arm by Shaone Morrisonn yesterday and as he is busy rolling up his jersey to show Bill McCreary, the official is slapping him with a 10 minute misconduct. A bite bans Mike Tyson from boxing in Las Vegas for how many years and the NHL suspends Sean Avery for throwing out harsh playground words.

Coach Bruce Boudreau has been give tons of credit by the media for out coaching John Tortorella in this early series. Yet, after three visits to Madison Square Garden not one beverage has hit his back or even reached the vicinity of the Capitals bench. I do give him credit for making sure his club capitalizes on its given opportunities,but today I hope the media talk about his Ace card thrown out on the table yesterday. Putting the HOBO clown Donald Brashear on the ice,the fourth liner caught Blair Betts off guard and elbowed him in the head. The Capital would wind up getting a power play,that makes sense. Then they would score two power play goals with out the presence of their number one penalty killing forward in the building. Now as game seven is approaching on Tuesday, Betts will not be able to give the Rangers his efforts. So if Donald Duck is taken out by the league at one o'clock today, so what! Bruce will lose a fourth line AHL candidate and a has-been goon. How fitting that Donald is so eager to throw out his feathers when Colton Orr is not in the line up. Coach Benny Hill played his hand yesterday, with his Lolly Pop Guild fingers ...good for him.

All in all , as the reffs miss the obvious calls and the Coach of the year pulls a Karate Kid and sweeps the Rangers Leg, no other crew deserves a caning worse than the NBC crew. Mike Millbury and Pierre McGuire looked foolish and Doc Erick's vanilla broadcast and blatant emphasis on every Capitals goal is nauseating. If it walks like a Duck and talks like a Duck than it must be ...Donald Brashear. But if it has chance to destroy an Islanders franchise by trading away Roberto Luongo and killing a broadcast , it must be Mike Millbury. Pierre loves to ride the flow of the game. If the Rangers give up two power play goals " The Rangers needed to kill those two power plays" but McGuire is better than that and should reiterate that the NY team was short changed a vital piece to thier team. Step up and go against the grain talk about the lousy officiating that everyone on your Sunday broadcast can see anyway. The " Onion" is a mock media source with comical news stories. It had a feature that Bettman has ordered that the League get a Crosby VS Ovechkin playoff series. So if a Mad Magazine version of the New York Times can seem to get close to the real story here, why can't NBC or the reffs on the ice?

The Rangers have gutted out wins all season long and can blame themsevles for not scoring goals to ease the pressure of the series. But it's go time and I say that justice will be served. The Rangers will win game 7 in Washington !
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Whining about the refs is for losers. If the Rangers blow a 3-1 series lead, they deserve to be out. As for your 'conspiracy' theories...the league wants the Rangers to go far as that's their biggest market.
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Listen....this is a PROFESSIONAL SPORTS LEAGUE..that is worth BILLIONS. There is NO CHANCE the league is biased against the Rangers. There is nothing more sad than listening to fans explain losses on the refs or some "conspiracy". Just stopThe ONLY TEAM that ever has a TRUE complaint, that REALLY does get biased calls against them, that is TRULY scorned by league officials is....The Philadelphia Flyers...of course.
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wow. watch it out there on the ledge
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