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Renny needs to let out the hot air or before long, he'll float away. After telling the media and the world that he would start benching important players and standing his ground,he send Corey Potter and his bruising size to Hartford again!. His promises are becoming empty,it's like a kid crashing the car into the garage and still being able to go to the party. What made Tom Renny was his commitment to the team and to being discipline. When Michael Nylander took too many penalties Mike sat down for a game or two. That's a real ballsy Wyatt Earp move by the coach,to sit the first line center. Nylander was also one of the Jagr crew,so putting his foot down early really set the tone to Captain.

Maybe management is making the calls,because I just can't fathom how Kalinin is still in the lineup at a -13. Roszival and Redden are even worse,but if they are benched and tar & feathered then they could even hurt thier trade value even more. Kalinin has no value he's a KHL player in waiting , plane ticket away, a goner! Get rid if his money and get rid of his Ghost,send him down now. If Renny needs to establish himself he needs to put his foot down again,this time to the GM. He needs to play Potter for the rest of the season just like he did when he called up Dan Girardi. He's a players coach and even more he's a young players coach,so add another young player into the lineup.

It's becoming more evident that the reason the Rangers needed Sundin was because they needed someone to shoulder the pressure in the room. Drury and Gomez are not getting it done! Despite thier careers Gomez was a piece in the Devils system and Drury was a co captain with Briere in Buffalo and again another piece in Colorado. There's a big difference between shouldering a massive amount of pressure in Buffalo or New Jersey and translating it to NY. No wonder the Rangers wanted Sundin who captained the Leafs possibly the toughest market in hockey. It's becoming clearer that Renny will have to pay for Sather's mistakes or Sather needs to save face and his coach by pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

I wonder if Chris Angel Sather will be able to bring back Sean Avery and dump a ridiculous contract all in one swoop. People may cringe at brining in AVES again, "It's going to tear the room apart ! ". Well your kidding yourself if you don't thing their is already a separation going on in there already. The goalie is ready to take two weeks in the Florida Keyes and publicly pitched for his fellow countryman ( Sundin) before he chose Vancouver. Like a catcher in baseball no one sees the game better than the goalie and your damn sure he see's a wolf in sheep's clothing in front of him. If Renny doesn't make a strong decision to adjust the personnel soon he will lose more than his job. If they continue to leave their goaltender unprotected they risk losing him as well. It's becoming more and more ( UH Em finger crossed) the Dan Blackburn story where a young franchise keeper is left out to dry and risks injury from having to over compensate. That Ghost story the club told us about how Dan hurt himself with his Red Rider BB gun or something. Or how he just happened to hurt his shoulder in the weight room, You'll shoot your eye out too.

As for Avery, it would be nice to see him back on Broadway.The only thing I hope is that he show is still running and not closing down. Losing to the Devils two games in a row with Avery? I'm not sure that happens,because someone would have been called out. Tom , lets see what you got!
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