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Translated Erik Karlsson Article

Posted February 23, 2009
[b]Erik: "I plan to stay another year ' [/b] It was the summer that the Defensemen was drafted by Daniel Alfredsson of Ottawa, as number 15 in the first round, and curiously enough, it was just in Ottawa as the Landsbro kid was for the first time entered in the history books seriously - as a junior World Cup's best back. Not bad city, if Erik had to say it. He had just returned when, barely... Read More »

Not First but fifth

Posted January 4, 2009
Well the title of the blog covers 2 topics but only one i'll fully cover in this blog. Quickly Sens are in Fifth....in the NorthEast, Sens join me in praying for a last place finish, and luck in the draw so we can get Hedman or Tavares. Thats all for Sens, ill start covering the Sens better after the world juniors and join me at www.nhl-northeast.com ------------------------------------- Fift... Read More »
Just got back from Czech/USA First off by far the best game of the World Jrs. so far. The Czech's came out hard in the first and the US was not ready........at all. The Czech's set the tone for the game and maintained it, unfortunately the tone wasn't enought to keep the oddly lazy and unorganized American squad at bay. Despite the Czech's playing hard and hitting anythin that moved the A... Read More »

Sens/Flames and the World Juniors

Posted December 27, 2008
Sens have been playing fairly well so far, which is a nice change. The same reaccuring theme has been rearing its ugly head already, Spezza looks lazy and the defense isn't playing well despite the low shots total. Alot of penalties in the first period. Both teams are playing very aggresive, Gonna get ugly. And as usual Ottawa's play has caught up with them, 3-2 Calgary. Hopefully by the... Read More »

Back to Cherry and the Sens

Posted December 20, 2008
My previous blog I harped on Cherry, and after watching hockey night in canada tonight/saturday I find myself in the same spot. After the Toronto/Pittsburgh game, Cherry ranted and cryed about Deavoux not fighting Godard when it was 4-1, cryed about Hagman mouthing off Crosby after Crosby checked him from behind and keep stick checking Hagman, then he finished it off by calling Deavoux a couple... Read More »