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Erik: "I plan to stay another year '

It was the summer that the Defensemen was drafted by Daniel Alfredsson of Ottawa, as number 15 in the first round, and curiously enough, it was just in Ottawa as the Landsbro kid was for the first time entered in the history books seriously - as a junior World Cup's best back. Not bad city, if Erik had to say it.

He had just returned when, barely two months ago, Frolunda allowed Erik to WWS and Ottawa that he had had some conversation about his future, but nothing "excessive, so we sat for hours and talked - but it was small discussions now and then ".
Down in the changing room after the bell clean victory match against Linköping, "he says somewhat jokingly, so here the question whether he has spoken anything more with the Ottawa senator.

- No, (frank) it now, it has not been so much talk. I am thinking only of Frölunda at the moment.

Have you spoken with any Kent Norberg then?
- We 're talking of course every day when he is down the hall ..., Erik responds with a cryptic smile before his grave, I will take over:
- But, no, it has not been as thoroughly than anything.

How do you view yourself to stay or go?
- I plan to stay in Sweden for another year, so it is, "he says firmly and develop its response:
- I will not go over and play there next year, in all cases it is. Since we know never, but I know I will stay another year.

Which club he is at any time of all to play for Sweden, is so clearly Frölunda. A nice message to all fans wondering, but a message that is far from definitive or certain. It will take before the final announcement will, perhaps draw it out on time as much as the end of September.

In the worst case.

First on the program waiting namely finals with Frölunda, then Ottawa is likely to bid over 18-year-old to the team's favorite training camp this summer - and before it is over, it will not get any concrete answers about his future in either Frölunda or Ottawa. But it is not certain that we become one iota wiser for it, but it is likely that Erik will also participate in another training camp with the senators, the team has the season beginning in late August / September.

It is namely this: The question of whether Erik Karlsson will play in the NHL is no longer a question to ask, but the question is when he will play in the NHL. And it is precisely the question that eludes everyone including Erik himself, Ottawa, Frölunda, and all hockey fans in Gothenburg and its surroundings.

The answer to that is of course extremely affects Erik Karlsson on - and senators, who have been refugees to the Swede. This "thing of" force in two years with effect from June 20 last year, when the NHL draft was held in, the city, most seem to be about, Ottawa. In other words, Erik belongs to the Canadian club at least until next summer, if nothing is done.

Exactly which solution the senators have in mind is of course only something to speculate about, either, so if they propose to have Erik Karlsson already for next season, that means a complete contract proposal close to hand.

The second option is of course to Erik Karlsson continues to play in Elitserien one year and that only after next season, write a proper contract. The implication is of course in that case that Erik and Frölunda may negotiate a new 1-year contract.

However, it may be that Ottawa instead advocating such a solution as St. Louis chose in the case of Lars Eller, to secure their new talent early and then simply lend or (in Ottawa where Erik) a year, to let him play and further developed in their familiar environment at home in Elitserien Frölunda.

In Erik's case, one year to the Frölunda mean that he also has time to go clear high school, which could tell that he stay one more season.

Frölunda yes, as in the current situation just sit back in two contracts (Oscar Hedman and Janne Niskala) next season. Kent Norberg In other words, busy days and a lot of headaches, not least in the case of Erik Karlsson. How long dare the club wait for a definitive answer from Erik Karlsson?

The answer to that is short - no idea.

Another issue is that if the contract length, to Erik Karlsson would stay in Elitserien in more than one season seems unlikely. Frölunda wants first and foremost to secure his squad for longer periods than one year, in order to achieve greater continuity - perhaps especially in defense, where there has been a great revolution in recent years.

One of the hills in today's team with closing the contract, and is perhaps the exception to the rule, is the giant Ronnie Sundin. His possible continuation, is just as Eriks legal limbo. 18-year-old, however, is sure of the facts, what he would recommend his partner back to do after the season - namely, to sign a new contract.

- I think is personally that he has two years left, at least. Since what he knows, I do not know ...

Back to Erik and Frölunda situation ...

One idea could be that Frölunda next season, working to find three well-functioning backpar - that is to say six hills - and more see Erik Karlsson as a bonus, and loans over the coming season. The longer a final clearance by Erik Karlsson and Ottawa is delayed, the more likely is this scenario.

Especially if Erik go over and participate in the senator season training camp in the run-up in August / September.

Frölunda has now been several seasons in a row started Elitserien without a full team on the ice and instead "expected" in players who will appear in the autumn. The question is whether the club can afford to do it one more season?

Recent shaky season introductions contradicts such a solution. You can not year after year begin Elitserien but that all players are in place, the team must achieve some sort of stability and find a grundspel right from the start - and then wait in "Erik Karlsson as one of six ordinary hills seems unlikely on the basis such reasoning.

As you can see the time to drain much water under the bridge before Elitserien 2009/10 starting in September and what will happen with Erik Karlsson be or not be in Frölunda. The final answer, we will have to wait for, but no, not at all unimportant in this context, is Erik Karlsson's own thoughts on the future and continue his hockey career.

How they look, the ideas and plans, it think we know after our conversation with Erik Karlsson.

- I plan to stay in Sweden for another year, so it is!

For all Frölunda fans who enjoy to see the young talent back all finter, passes and shots, it is, the best information is available. At least until that final, and hopefully positive, the news will one day ...
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