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Sens have been playing fairly well so far, which is a nice change. The same reaccuring theme has been rearing its ugly head already, Spezza looks lazy and the defense isn't playing well despite the low shots total.

Alot of penalties in the first period. Both teams are playing very aggresive, Gonna get ugly.

And as usual Ottawa's play has caught up with them, 3-2 Calgary.

Hopefully by the time this blog is read Ottawa will get thier head on straight. Or we may get a decent shot at Tavares.

World Juniors

6 games have been played so far, and it doesn't take an expert to predict that Canada, barring some HUGE upset is gonna win, Tavares look able to it all by himself. The other top teams are missing on-ice presence it seems.

Russia was struggling to beat Latvia, at times Latvia looked ready to overtake the Russians. Outside of Filitov the russians were lacking consitent jump.

Sweden was surprised by the ready and able Fins and struggled to control the play, man Hedman is huge.

USA is not bad by any standards and have a very talented team but like every year they get into a bad match-up with a talented underrated team and lose........which team will it be?

Well my guess is the very talented but underated Slovak team. Sure owning Latvia isn't that big of an accomplishment, but Slovakia is a very hockey rich nation and people never seem to understand how much talent comes from there. Example: Oh how about Marion Hossa.

So at the risk of ruining any credibility I may have theres my pick for the Gold Medal Game Canada-Slovakia
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Tavares it is.
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