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Not First but fifth

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Well the title of the blog covers 2 topics but only one i'll fully cover in this blog.

Quickly Sens are in Fifth....in the NorthEast, Sens join me in praying for a last place finish, and luck in the draw so we can get Hedman or Tavares. Thats all for Sens, ill start covering the Sens better after the world juniors and join me at www.nhl-northeast.com
Fifth Place Team USA

First off what an exciting game between Czech/USA for 5th.
And a FIGHT!!! in the world juniors awesome!!

It was awesome that it was Ruth that got into the fight. I was screaming get em baby Ruth.

But anyways, JvR had an amazing game winner, highlight reel goal for the year, simply amazing.

But i am extremely dissapointed in Team USA's attitude after the game. Yeah the ended up in 5th place and the were favored to place higher, and yeah they are in Canada and got boo'd by the majority but there was numerous USA fans cheering, clapping, and trying to get signatures and high fives.

To see Ruth in his training gear after his fight standing in the USA tunnel ignoring a nine year-old girl trying to get her US shirt signed. Then to see most of the US players ignore the few US fans trying to get close to them and even taunting the kids by pretending to give away thier sticks and pretending to toss thier sticks into the crowd.

I do understand USA's frustration to be in the 5th place game but the other tunnel Czech were giving away sticks, pucks, signing jersey and would of given thier gloves and jersey's away if given time even after losing.

It was a fairly classless act by the US.
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