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Well Ottawa pulled one out last night against a depleted Pittsburg team, and ya know what? it wasnt the prettiest of wins, but ill take it right now! You can immediately see the impact of having Murray back behind the bench as the Sens have a new fire and passion in there game which had been sorely missing, the players finally seem to know there assignments and are out there hitting everything that moves in an opposite jersey.

Also nice to see last night was a little thing thats important to winning..GOALS! 5 of them, and not just scoring 5, but having Alfie get 3 points and see Heatley score as well, along with some secondary scoring from Vermette and Lapointe. Other positives from the game last night was the team seems to be starting to look like there old selves, im maintaining that it will take 4 or 5 games to get the ship going in the right direction again, but I think this HUGE western swing they are going on this week is the best thing for them, gets them away from the media here and puts them up against some real tough tests in Anaheim, San Jose, then maybe a little lighter with LA and Phoenix, either way should be a really fun week of hockey!!

Goal tending continues to be a bit of a problem for the team, I still think Gerber is the way to go as I don't understand how Emery has gotten all the starts he was given, even when the team was winning with him in nets he was still a bad goal machine, with 1 or 2 every game, I think if you give the ball to Gerber and let him run with it he will get back in a rhythm and return to how he played early in the season, as the defense is starting to come back around to how we all know they could play.

Now thats about all im gonna say about last nights game, overall i was happy they got the win, I thought the reffing was once again terrible, going both ways, but thats just the way its been all season, and as I said, I think this team is starting to come around and play much better hockey.

A couple things I noticed last night from watching several games in the evening: The Montreal Jersey game was pretty entertaining, but one big thing with both teams I noticed was that basically if Montreal's Powerplay isn't clicking, they aren't winning, they have tons of speed and talent, but just cant seem to finish unless they have the man advantage, also, ive watched several Jersey games this year and really..I dont think they are that great a team, I would say that Brodeur has accounted for close to half the points they have received, theres been lots of games I have watched of theres where the team just doesn't seem to look that great and its basically all Brodeur keeping them in every game. And last thing from this game, this is an overall comment about the Habs, and I know I will get jumped on for this, but seriously...the OLE OLE chant..is the worst hockey chant just about ever, I cant even watch the game when that busts out, it just doesnt fit in a hockey game, its a soccer related chant and thats where it should stay, and its odd, because im not a habs fan, but I also dont hate the team, they have a lot of players I like and I really like the battle thats going on in the East now with them and Ottawa, BUT everytime I hear that chant I just want to see the other team score to shut them up. There thats my rant on that, I feel better.
The Toronto anomaly thats happening right now is really interesting, I still dont think they will make the playoffs, I think they just have too many teams to jump over to get in, and frankly even if they get in I just don't think they have the talent to make it out of the first round, but whats most interesting is the fans reaction to this latest winning streak, its funny to see how upset they all are (with the exception of a few who have there leafs goggles on and think anything can happen) I personally think they are better off tanking and setting themselves up for a solid pick in the top 4 or 5 as they need to get some solid youth to build on, after all, Sundin isnt going to play forever!
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