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"When will the Bruins return to the Glory Days?"
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I was shocked when the Bruins acquired Chris Kelly last week from the Senators. No disrespect to Mr. Kelly at all. I honestly didn't know a ton about him...which is a credit to him for sure. Because he does so many of the little things that go unnoticed by hockey fans outside of Ottawa. But mostly because he fits the mold of the type of player the Bruins have already in their system and maybe that... Read More »
My eyes didn't believe it at first when I switched over to the NHL Network's on the fly and so the Bruins trade tonight. At quick glance I had assumed the name Chris and the Senators logo that it had to be Chris Phillips. It looked like plan B as Tomas Kaberle's one choice to waive his no trade clause wasn't Boston. But no, Kaberle is still out there and so is Phillips as the deal was for lunchpai... Read More »
These Savard rumors have really perplexed me. I can't understand it. There's a good chance that next season Boston will not find the money to re-sign Patrice Bergeron. This will give Seguin one season to learn the ropes. Savard is cap friendly now for the next seven years and if he returns to form, he's still nearly a point per game player! I don't understand why drafting Seguin spells the dep... Read More »
Now that the B's have settled down the draft week drama in the land of the spoked B we can go back to focusing on the original draft debate...Taylor or Tyler. Or can we? I think that yesterdays deal may be just the beginning. No Chiarelli won't part with the number two pick. After all, the hope for a potential franchise stud coming to Beantown was the only shining light for most of the sea... Read More »
The highlights and low lights of the Bruins season happened against the same opponent. On January 1st we were delighted to one helluvah game with Marco Sturm winning it in overtime at Fenway Park. Here in May it was the Flyers hitting a home run a "grand slam" of victories and a new all time low in Bruins playoff history!!! I'm sorry, I bleed black n gold, but this one has left me wondering why... Read More »


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