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"When will the Bruins return to the Glory Days?"
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I was shocked when the Bruins acquired Chris Kelly last week from the Senators. No disrespect to Mr. Kelly at all. I honestly didn't know a ton about him...which is a credit to him for sure. Because he does so many of the little things that go unnoticed by hockey fans outside of Ottawa. But mostly because he fits the mold of the type of player the Bruins have already in their system and maybe that was by design?

More of what they need outside looking in, would be someone to replace the projected production of a healthy Marc Savard going forward. But there aren't too many 70-80 point pivot men out there for the taking. There was and/is still Brad Richards, but he may be another Marc Savard more than we know if these concussion symptoms linger. So I'm not sure who can afford to take the risk when he's a free agent to be anyways?

So where does that leave us? Peter Chiarelli said that the surprising acquisition of Rich Peverley has taken a scoring winger off his xmas list, but I don't believe he should be satisfied and here's why. While Peverley brings a great 3 zone game and incredible faceoff skills (which don't get me wrong are extremely important come playoff time), the numbers that Peverley brings are comparable to Blake Wheeler's. So I see that as a wash!
Nathan Horton, Micheal Ryder and the other bunch of inconsistent wingers have had their bacon saved by the likes of Brad Marchand and the 43 year old wonder Mark Recchi. Who is going to pick up the slack when things get tight in the playoffs? Patrice Bergeron has too many responsibilities to be counted on to be the top producer! David Krecji has yet to find a stick that is programmed to shoot the puck towards the net!!!

In my world there is no way in hell two of your fourth line players should have the goal production of some of your top six forwards!!! David Krecji has 9 goals, while Gregory Campbell has 9 and tough guy Shawn Thornton has 8 respectively. Krecji averages close to 12 minutes more ice time than the aforementioned fourth liners!!!

I would think that the acquisition of Tomas Kaberle would help the likes of Recchi, Ryder and Horton in front of the net on the power play down the stretch...but we can't bank on it. We need a player who can be counted on to get you 25-30 upfront to complement Milan Lucic. What is going to happen come playoff time when things tighten up and Goaltending and Special Teams win you playoff games? Well the Bruins only have half the recipe for success the way I see it.

SO...In closing my Xmas list contains the top six forward and another depth defenseman...Because Andrew Ference, Johnny Boychuk and Steven Kampfer are far too inconsistent for my liking and I don't see Shane Hnidy as the answer here my friends!!!

So I plead Mr. Chiarelli to not stand pat come Monday...There has to be a trade out there that we didn't see coming right? I mean that seems to be the theme here sans the Kaberle trade!!!

Come on PC....give me one more for the road....the road to the Stanley Cup that is!

February 25, 2011 1:07 PM ET | Delete
I know a 70 point pivot winger that boston could trade for. His name is Ales Hemsky. Only problem is the price may too high for Boston to accept.
February 25, 2011 2:47 PM ET | Delete
I wouldn't mind that Smitty. But I think that you're right about the asking price. I wouldn't mind seeing Zach Hamill go. I actually preferred him to be dealt over Colborne. But you can't have everything right? But you never know with this crazy trade season so far!
February 25, 2011 3:43 PM ET | Delete
I think you might be selling David Krejci's development as a play-making center a little short. He's a nice fit in the top 6. But, you're right, the team can always get better and if Chiarelli is willing to deal a Zach Hamill, you'd have to think he'll get a deal done! Good read.
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