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"When will the Bruins return to the Glory Days?"
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Now that the B's have settled down the draft week drama in the land of the spoked B we can go back to focusing on the original draft debate...Taylor or Tyler. Or can we?

I think that yesterdays deal may be just the beginning. No Chiarelli won't part with the number two pick. After all, the hope for a potential franchise stud coming to Beantown was the only shining light for most of the season.

The Marc Savard- Patrice Bergeron rumors are still out there and I think the Horton Campbell trade proves that Chiarelli may very well move a veteran pivot man before Friday's draft.
Would he do it to get a top 10 pick? Would he do it to get more scoring help from the wings? This remains to be seen, but make no mistake, if Geoff Campbell was acquired to fill the future void left from UFA Steve Begin's departure that would make sense, but keep in mind Campbell is a Centerman. Begin played there do to injuries and is far more affective on the wing. Not to mention if the B's are keen on Vlad Sobotka finally staking claim to a 4th line center spot permanently than where does that leave Campbell? I would say centering the checking line logically...NO?

While all this would need to be sorted in camp for sure, right now all we have to go on is paper...not ice. The way I see it is the B's have two 4th line centerman. Now why would Chiarelli acquire Campbell unless he had a role to fill? Are they converting him to wing? I doubt that. Could Vlad play wing, sure he could. But he was pretty darn effective centering that 4th line in the playoffs.

Not sure if you see where I am headed with this? But the rumors of Savard going via trade I think are far fetched. The three vets that made the most sense to be shipped off for cap relief were Thomas, Wideman and the long shot of Patrice Bergeron who will need a new deal next season. I believe Thomas could still go...to a playoff contender at draft day or after the free agent dust settles.

But I would say Bergy over Savvy for this very reason.... Savvy is very cap friendly for the long haul. Bergeron stands to net himself a very very big raise after next season.
Patrice is a rare breed of complete player...with tons of experience at a very young age. But the B's have Chara's contract to worry about and Tuuka will need a raise again in the near future. There are some interesting choices that lie ahead for the B's brass for sure.

But whatever happens...don't for a second the rumors of a vet pivot leaving Boston are now dead!!!
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your writing is awful, do you not proof read before you submit?
June 23, 2010 7:47 PM ET | Delete
Yeah it is pretty bad. That's what happens when you have kids and you're rushing to get thoughts out there at one in the morning!!!With that said...Are you here to engage in conversation or just dis people to make yourself feel better?After all "Neely" is spelled with an l not a 1! lolUnless you're a grammar teacher...I'd rather hear hockey talk from now on!!!
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