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Emery the Late I am!

Posted January 29, 2008
The soap opera know as "The Rays of our Lives" has given us a new episode. As most of you are aware, Ray Emery arrived at the practice facility in Long Island on Monday more than an hour after he and his team mates were required to arrive. Being that this isn't the first offence for the chronologically challenged, practice shirking keeper, he was told to stay off the ice. Emery is expected to meet... Read More »

Spending Time in Jail

Posted October 18, 2007
I don't get the opportunity to blog very often, but I've been a loyal HockeyBuzz reader since day one. This Blog has nothing to do with hockey other than the fact that the NHL and its players are often held above all other leagues and athletes for their charitable works and community support. Here is your chance to do a little something. Almost three years ago, my wife was diagnosed with a cong... Read More »

Engels Will Owe Me a Two-Four

Posted July 25, 2007
[i][b]Why Alfie Will Never Be Traded[/b][/i] A couple of days ago, while engaged in the usual friendly banter of the Hockeybuzz Chatroom, a certain blogger that covers Les Glorieux, came in and confidently proclaimed that Daniel Alfredsson would be traded from Ottawa if the Senators didn't have a successful year. Being the ardent Sens fan that I am, I felt obliged to challenge this brash procla... Read More »