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Killing It!

Posted May 28, 2010
Killing It The NHL has beaten the Crosby v Ovechkin “rivalry” to the end. Now they look to do the same with the Winter Classic. To me the Winter Classic was taking on a persona as the rare meeting of two teams in a unique enviorment. Something no other sport really does. As a fan I felt that if I have to wait a few years just to see my team in the classic that’s fine. I am told good thi... Read More »

Winter Classic Thoughts

Posted May 18, 2010
After the disappointing last day failure against the flyers. As a Rangers fan I need to find some sort of hope for a better season. So I turned to two things, the draft lottery and a potential Winter Classic appearance. For a while it looked as if things might turn our way. We got a top 10-pick draft pick. The Capitols and Pittsburgh were knocked out early and the playoffs have completely turned u... Read More »

Rangers get shelley

Posted February 12, 2010
Ny Rangers get Jodi Shelley from the Sharks for a draft pick reports Steve Zippy from Newsday. Shelley has played in 36 games and has registered 3 assists. I dont really know what to think about this Read More »

Start over my @$$

Posted February 4, 2010
While I haven't used this blog as much as i would like its definitely time to post again. Tonight the Caps enter the Garden on a 11 game win streak. The Rangers however are coming off of a 1 and 2 west coast trip. What's the goal ? As far as the trade goes I was on board. To me there is no point having a player who just gets scratched every night. I think it was a good step i... Read More »
Some thoughts I needed to share. Panic looms with every loss especially the ones at home. The Rangers are constantly under pressure even if they win. Look at them now instead of looking at our 6-2-2 record in the past ten games as pretty good. The constant woes of lack of scoring and home ice advantage seem to take center ice. Which I think falls heavily on the team. Torts only demands the b... Read More »


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