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Start over my @$$

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While I haven't used this blog as much as i would like its definitely time to post again. Tonight the Caps enter the Garden on a 11 game win streak. The Rangers however are coming off of a 1 and 2 west coast trip. What's the goal ?

As far as the trade goes I was on board. To me there is no point having a player who just gets scratched every night. I think it was a good step in the right direction in tweaking this team. Yes, i said tweaking many fans on the message boards are calling for a Toyota recall and a reset to the Sather era. While we all know that the Rangers should/need to be playing better. Do we really need to sacrifice the next few seasons to get good? Im putting it out there now, I HATE THAT PEOPLE THINK WE NEED TO START OVER!!!! While I understand the frustrations the fans have with this team we need to calm down. There should be no question on whether we should fight to make the playoffs. We have seen it before that this team can get hot. If we can get to the playoffs it may be the fire we need to produce. Its been said that everything changes in the playoffs. To me the playoffs are the reset button to the regular season. Im a firm believer that anything can happen in the playoffs. So in my mind we need to get there.

I think that jokinen and Prust will work out in NY. The trade seems to favor the Rangers and its one of those little trades that Sather always finds a way to do. I think the impact of just a trade has more effect in this situation. It takes away talks of the teams performance and allows them to just go out and play. If we can beat the Caps tonight the only talk will be positive and give us that drive to get us to the olympics. Plus the Caps are due for a loss. Let me know what you guys think, as always Lets Go Rangers!!
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