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Killing It!

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Killing It

The NHL has beaten the Crosby v Ovechkin “rivalry” to the end. Now they look to do the same with the Winter Classic. To me the Winter Classic was taking on a persona as the rare meeting of two teams in a unique enviorment. Something no other sport really does. As a fan I felt that if I have to wait a few years just to see my team in the classic that’s fine. I am told good things come to those who wait.

I wrote a week ago that Pitt and Washington would be a bad idea for two reasons. Of course I wanted to see the Rangers in it, but also the NHL doesn’t need to hold everything on the back of Crosby and Ovechkin. While I do understand the reason for it, it’s a shame that the hardcore fans have to suffer. I know that having two superstars is something easy to market and draw in people. But, this isn’t the NBA and the rivalry didn’t work. I think its weird that two years ago when Chicago and Detroit played it was fine. You know, just two good teams playing without a “superstar” rivalry. Although once the ratings dipped it was because Crosby and Ovechkin weren’t playing. My anger for this decision is not just because the Rangers wont be in it this year. But, that Pitt gets to play in one of the best games all year. Call me jealous or crazy I just don’t think its necessary.

By introducing two classics the NHL has begun to slowly choke out the one unique thing they had going for them. I don’t know if it’s just me but I don’t want to play in the outdoor game in February. I would rather wait an extra year or two to get into the January 1st game. Having two outdoor games takes away from the fun and uniqueness of the Winter Classic. I think the NHL is now on the way to making an outdoor game no big deal. So if you really want to have to two outdoor games PLEASE just make it this one-year.
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