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Some thoughts I needed to share. Panic looms with every loss especially the ones at home. The Rangers are constantly under pressure even if they win. Look at them now instead of looking at our 6-2-2 record in the past ten games as pretty good. The constant woes of lack of scoring and home ice advantage seem to take center ice. Which I think falls heavily on the team. Torts only demands the best from his players especially the over paid veterans. I’m finally glad to see a coach who will act on veterans and not take mediocre play. I hope that I will bring change to Redden and Brasher. However, I don’t think that Brasher is being used in the way he should be. I was under the impression that bringing in Brasher was going to make us tougher. I haven’t seen him be real physical or drop the gloves in a while. I just think that torts is trying to use him as a playmaker instead of a muscle. I think were turning the corner in all aspects of all play. Any time a player gets close to Henrik they pounce and I think it’s awesome. It’s nice to see them care and not take anything. As for scoring I’m not sure yet, well have to see if Drury, Higgins and Kotalik keep it up. Its important to praise the secondary scoring but to enforce that just because they score in one game doesn’t mean they can wait 15 games to score another one. As we saw during the Bruins game this team gets complacent. With a 2-0 lead the team let up and the Bruins tied it up.

I recently watched an old interview with Sean Avery during the 07 playoffs back when he was scoring. They asked him “what’s the biggest difference playing in NY than LA?” Avery responded “ I give a lot of credit to Tom Renney he’s letting me play my game…. In LA I had the reigns on me a little bit and it was tough” Is that the same story today? I think so…. I’m huge fan of Sean Avery and we have seen in a few games this year and all of the 07-08 seasons that he can produce. He’s got to be “on the edge” as Avery puts it “that’s were I play my best hockey”. I hope that Avery can turn it around, with only 13 points this year both the Rangers and Avery need it.

While the team is not perfect I see no need to push the panic button. However we cannot let up on the gas. This team I think I can work we just have to understand that there will be ups and downs. Come playoff time I think well be on a high and where we need to be. Call me optimistic, foolish or whatever I think this team can do it!

By the way congrats to the USA world juniors team for one of the best hockey games I have ever seen and taking home the gold. Tonight the Rangers play Dallas at 7 and I think it will be a good one. As always Lets Go Rangers!
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