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"Who's going to break the Leafs lineup this year?"
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The Leafs will finally make the play-offs next year after a few years of JFJ and his litany of mistakes sanctioned by the board.

First they'll stop trading draft picks for 38 year old UFAs.

Second they'll actually play team defense and get out of the cellar of Goals Against.

Third the coach will have to become acountable to the atrocious goals against sure goaltendng will get better but a bigger team that hurts players in the defensive zone
wont hurt.

Fourth Pogge should be scraped off the bottom of the bus with a nice flat shovel and get a solid goalie coach ie Cujo.

Fifth sign Gerber or Conklin or Weekes as all are UFA.

The Leafs will be healthier bigger and much more Pugnastic they'll finish in 6th.


Because they are developing players like Detroit and Jersey have already has done the defense in man power and talent is solid the key to that group is health with Kabby, VanRyan and Finger.

The key to an improved team is how they get rid of large contracts like Blake, Stempniak and the like to make space on the cap but Burke has no apologies he will waive trade buyout any contract from the past that he had nothing to do with.

UFAs UFAs UFAs UFAs to fill at leat 3 spots to as many as 5 as the forward core is going to get rebuit the defense may be tweaked with the movement of one of the Czechs and their combined 9 million.

Again the GAs will go down dramtically with Toskala being healthier and the backup goalie will be an inexpensive backup or Trade Toskala at some point during the season for a first round and a solid prospect then promote Gerber of course after we sign him.

Above all if Pogge is going to play any games don't play him in Toronto he sucks in front of the crowd and have Cujo mentor him he needs it big time Cujo is the one guy who can help as the the NHL goalie with the most shots against in the history of the NHL.
April 3, 2009 10:32 PM ET | Delete
what ufas are really worth signing this year the sedins no thank you maybe cammy if he comes cheaper then 5 mill which i doubt gaborik no thanks too many injuries i think we are better off avoiding the free agents this year
April 7, 2009 10:03 PM ET | Delete
comparing the development of new jersey and detroit to to.o might be a stretch cause its been consistent for a decade, not a year or two.
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