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"Ryman in SJ"
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Leppardx ryan_dl

4-2 loss.

Posted 4:19 AM ET | Comments 2
Well I can't say I am surprised at a loss tonight. The Thrashers are 5 games into the season and have solid start and have played 4 games so far going 2-2. The Sharks have played 2 games in Europe and that is it. My feeling is the European start to the season is not a good thing as tonight they didn't look crisp and full of energy as most teams would after a week off.

I should take the time to see how the other teams that started in Europe are doing but I"m a bit on the lazy side right now and I blame the beer for that.

I think Nitty should have had the start tonight. Simple issues was he is 17-0 against the Thrashers. Sure the ThrashHawks are really diffrent team then they have been, however I say ride that 17-0 until it ends up with something like 17-4.
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October 17, 2010 11:28 AM ET | Delete
I think the boys just gave up after the 2-0 lead. We indeed looked flat and a little rusty.P.S. Byfuglien can go to hell XD
October 18, 2010 4:24 PM ET | Delete
I hope Byfuglien gets louder and more rigerous boos than Progner gets in the tank.
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