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"Ryman in SJ"
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Sharks vs LA in LA

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Well what can I say about this game. I feel it was a snoozer and it felt like neither team could find any type of rythem. Kaspars goal was nice to watch, poor guy didn't even know it was a goal until a good 5 seconds after it went in.

So the pluses I saw in this game:

I can feel comfy with Mr Backup in goal. Boucher had a good game and was right on when he complained to the officals for the kick.

The kid scores! Kaspars first goal in the NHL and it was a game winner.

The downers:

Where was everyone? Semenov was his usual self, I had hopes for him but I am not seeing him play better than last season.

All in all maybe they were a little tired having played Thursday and Saturday before coming to LA on Sunday. I really hope the Sharks can play more like they did on Thursday and Satuday, it is exciting to watch. Not everyone agrees with me but I would rather see an exciting loss over a snoozer win.
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