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Tuesday September 17, 2019
The Detroit Red Wings posted their projected lines on their website. They are as follows:Hirose-Rasmussen-SvechnikovElson-Pearson-PuempelTerry-Turgeon-FordrnGlendening-DeLaRose-EhnNemeth-HronekCholowski-BoweyHicketts-McllrathWhat to watch for (personally) - injuries. Svechnikov needs a reclamation year. Rasmussen as well. Pearson has a decent shot. Look for how well...
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Monday September 16, 2019
zjmac writes...

2019-2020 Pre-Season Edition 1

Posted 10:14 PM ET | Comments 0
Hello everybody in support of the Union Blue. It has been a busy summer for myself, hence for my inexistence of writing blogs for the hockey world to see. Now that things have calmed down personally, I am back and returning to the rink just like the team is. So, let us get caught up with the team, shall we? Let us start with a flashback and reflection on the past before w...
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Thursday September 12, 2019
archromat writes...

The Real Play: 4 x 9 for Marner

Posted 11:05 AM ET | Comments 1
Could the Leafs be about to troll the NHL?Negotiations are usually a meet in the middle kind of thing, unless the middle is more than what the other side has to offer.So the settlement? Four years at 9m/y. That is what I believe the final number will be around.When you negotiate, what's " fair " usually isn't on the table, because people don't live in a fair world: th...
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Thursday August 8, 2019
Michael OConnor writes...

Canucks Roster Jam

Posted 11:27 PM ET | Comments 0
When it comes to Vancouver, fans have a lot to be excited about. Acquiring Russian star Podkolzin was an absolute steal at the ten spot. Sure, he is signed overseas for another two seasons, but most prospects do not enter the league right away anyway. On top of this, the Canucks saw Swedish forward Nils Hoglander fall into their lap in round two. Both of these guys wer...
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Saturday July 20, 2019
W_1 writes...

Marner Musings

Posted 2:46 AM ET | Comments 9
Mitch Marner is awesome. He plays very well in space, creates space, and finds open players at an elite level. He competes hard on the back-check, is a good penalty killer, and has a very high IQ for the game. I really like Mitch Marner. I could just end my blog here with a rant about how we should keep him at all costs and Dubas needs to break the bank to sign him. B...
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Saturday June 22, 2019
10. Patrick LaineOf all the entries on this list, Laine ’s inclusion is a bit of an oddity. It’s not like the young sniper had a terrible season. He still hit the 30-plus goal plateau and finished the year with a more than respectable 50 points. It’s just his numbers could have been so much better. After a somewhat slow start to the season, Laine went absolutely on...
Thursday June 6, 2019
Hall Fan writes...

Draft - Oilers Edition

Posted 11:23 PM ET | Comments 11
The draft can not get here soon enough. Mostly as it should be the start of Holland fixing the Oilers. I can say this with certainty because they can't get anymore broken. Also the draft's arrival will stop sites like TSN.ca claiming that Kakko is " closing the gap " on Hughes. There is no actual gap. NJ is picking one player and that is going to be Hughes. Are they lo...
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Monday May 27, 2019
New Jersey Devils (NJD) did not make it to the playoffs this season (2018-2019). Since then both Taylor Hall and Ray Shero have stated that NJD needs more talent. This prompted a lot of fans to look toward the UFA and the RFA class of 2019 in order to fill in the roster spots.This article only looks at those few RFA players that the fan base wants to offer sheet. There ...
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Saturday May 18, 2019
In truth when it comes to hockey these are the teams I'm most often watching.Even though I'm a Habs fan I have always found it fun to follow the Leafs as well. I do live in Toronto, but even if I didn't I still would. They are the Habs best rival and they are super fun to stack up against one another. The Leafs in my opinion have trended in the right direction for qu...
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Friday May 17, 2019
Been a while, [expletive removed for reasons]!In honour of the latest bout of disappointment the Oilers chose to throw at us, I figured now would be a great time to review my targets from last offseason and quantify whether I'm more or less disappointing than my favourite team! First, we ought to set the bar: by how many criteria did the Oilers disappoint? 1.) " Compete...
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Tuesday May 7, 2019
Is Holland a great GM or is Holland a terrible GM? Both statements are lies and both are truths. Why is that, like any other GMs and even his Oiler predecessor, he has had trouble during the cap era. The question is how much is his fault and how much has he learned.One of the greatest things of his Red Wings dynasty days and passed was the ability to assess talent and dr...
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Saturday April 27, 2019
The Carolina Hurricanes are dominating the NHL playoffs at 5v5, but their special teams play has left much to be desired.Carolina ’s weakness in the playoffs has been their penalty kill and power play units struggling to find success. The Hurricanes poor special teams play nearly wasted a dominating possession performance against Washington. Tampa found out just how da...
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