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21) Edmonton Oilers----Riley Nash
My gut tells me they could have gotten this kid later but you never know. Trading up here was a mistake IMO. You aren't going to get better talent at 21 than you are at 30 and they had to give up the #36. I had my eye on this kid for the Ducks and he should be a good third liner.
Grade: B-
22) Montreal Canadiens---Max Pacioretty
Great pick by the Canadiens...probably the best player on the board for me. He also fits the bill of what the Canadiens need which is bigger stronger physical forwards. He will be a 2nd line power forward.
Grade: A
23) Nashville Predators---John Blum
Nashville takes a risk by taking Blum as he has a lot of raw offensive potential but is very weak and needs to put on 30-40 lbs to compete at the NHL level. The first player ever from California taken in the 1st round, we are all proud of him down here in Socal. The Predators could have taken a safer pick knowing their current situation.
Grade: B
24) Calgary Flames---Mikael Backlund
Great pick. Backlund is top-10 talent IMO and should be a great two-way 2nd line pivot who puts up 60-70 pts per year. His injury problems obviously scared a bunch of teams off but he has said that he is 100% now which is good news for the Flames. The Flames aren't too keen on many Euros so taking him is a great gut check by Darryl Sutter. Flames take the BPA.
Grade: A
25) Vancouver Canucks---Patrick White
This seems kind of like an "oh well this isn't a good draft" kind of pick at first, but White has put up some good offensive #s in the USHL in his first 12 games there. He doesn't project to be too great of a scorer in the NHL IMO though and the Canucks could have taken a more skilled guy(something they need desperately) like David Perron. IMO, Perron > White, but apparently not for Nonis.
Grade: B
26) St. Louis Blues---David Perron
Great pick by the Blues. Could have gone at their 2nd pick but they played the 2nd half of the draft very well. People question whether his season was a fluke coming out of lower level juniors to the QMJHL, but he's a solid player who if he's not scoring, can fore-check very well.
Grade: A
27) Detroit Red Wings---Brendan Smith
Very raw prospect, I thought they were going to take a European with less risk, but you never know. Smith is a good offensive defenseman and at the end of the 1st round isn't a terrible pick.
Grade: B-
28) San Jose Sharks---Nick Petrecki
I love this kid. Imposing physical package, and untapped offensive ability. Sharks made a great trade to get him. Should have gone mid-first round.
Grade: A
29) Ottawa Senators---Jim O'Brien
Great fluid skater, has great potential. Could turn out to be the Ryan Getzlaf of this draft(in that he could discover more offense) and can still put on some weight. Good pick at 29.
Grade: A-
30) Phoenix Coyotes---Nick Ross
Better options here: Akim Aliu, Brett Maclean(they later got him so...), Bill Sweatt....At least the Coyotes got an extra pick from trading down.
Grade: B

Player Ratings:
1) Patrick Kane: 8.0 B
2) James vanRiemsdyk: 8.0C
3) Kyle Turris: 8.5 C
4) Thomas Hickey: 7.5 B
5) Karl Alzner: 8.0 C
6) Sam Gagner: 8.0 B
7) Jakub Voracek 7.5 A
8) Zach Hamill 7.5 B
9) Logan Couture: 7.0 A
10) Keaton Ellerby: 8.0 C
11) Brandon Sutter: 7.5 C
12) Ryan McDonagh: 7.5 B
13) Lars Eller: 7.5 B
14) Kevin Shattenkirk 7.5 C
15) Alex Plante: 7.0 B
16) Colton Gillies: 7.0 D
17) Alexei Cherepanov: 8.5 B
18) Ian Cole: 7.0 C
19) Logan MacMillan: 7.0 B
20) Angelo Esposito: 8.0 D
21) Riley Nash: 6.5 B
22) Max Pacioretty: 7.5 B
23) Jonathan Blum: 7.5 D
24) Mikael Backlund: 7.5 B
25) Patrick White: 6.5 A
26) David Perron: 7.0 B
27) Brendan Smith: 7.0 C
28) Nick Petrecki: 7.5 B
29) Jim O'Brien: 7.0 D
30) Nick Ross: 6.5 B
Explanation of Rankings:
9: Allstar
8: First line forward, top pairing dman
7: 2nd line forward, 2nd pairing
6: 3rd line forward: 3rd pairing

A: guaranteed to reach the number rating
B: could drop 1 half number
C: could drop 1 full number
D: could drop 1 1/2
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