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ANAHEIM DUCKS PSEUDO GM • 2009 Years Old • Male
I'll be frank: I'm surprised how many people are picking the Wings to beat the Ducks. No, I don't think the Ducks are invincible and no I don't think they are guaranteed to advance to the SCF, but you'd have to think they are favorites by a fair margin. Detroit doesn't have Kronwall or Schneider and I doubt that Lebda is at 100%. If the Ducks play physical enough with the Wings, the Wings don't have a chance, and that is what I think will happen. So for that Ducks in 6
Buffalo and Ottawa is tougher definitely to decide, but I think Buffalo's lack of consistency will come back to bite them in the end, despite the fact that Ottawa's scoring mostly comes from Heatley-Spezza-Alfredsson. Ottawa in 7
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