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Here we go again.....
16) Minnesota(from ANA) ----Colton Gillies
A lot of people don't like this kid. I'm not one of them; I love his combination of size and skating ability. The knock on this guy is obviously the lack of offensive ability, but I think he just needs to put himself in better position to put up big offensive #s by putting on muscle so he can drive to the net and by simply using his hockey sense to find the openings. However, Gillies is a boom/bust type prospect in terms of offensive ability and in the middle of the 1st round, it's too early to take this risk. I don't think that Minnesota had to trade up to get this guy with Cherepanov and Esposito on the boards and that decreases the value of this pick.
Grade: B-
17) New York Rangers----Alexei Cherepanov
The "steal" of the draft isn't so much of a steal in my mind. Cherepanov should have gone in the 8-12 range on my list, so the Rangers got somewhat of a steal. This kid is talented, but has a bad work ethic. That doesn't go over well with me. I'm a big proponent of the fact that a B+ talent with strong work ethic will turn out way better than an A- talent with little work ethic. However, for the Rangers, this is a great choice.
Grade: A
18) St. Louis Blues----Ian Cole
A little off the board, I don't know too much about this guy. Apparently can play physical from the rear end and can move the puck. An all around average guy. St. Louis should have grabbed Esposito or another offensive player with this pick. Cole wasn't the BPA. Not to mention that they traded up.
Grade: C
19) Anaheim Ducks----Logan MacMillan
And so we come to my favorite team, the Ducks. Burke made a mistake in not drafting Esposito. Yes, he's soft and all of this, but he learned from his bad year this year, and now is extremely motivated. Carlyle could have easily whipped him into Burke shape. MacMillan should turn out to be a 2nd line pivot but we could have hit a home run with Esposito. Major props to Burke for trading down and still getting their guy. IMO they could have swapped with the Penguins and gotten another 2nd rounder if they had told Ray Shero that they were taking Espo. A decent pick overall:
Grade: B+
20) Pittsburgh Penguins---Angelo Esposito
The Penguins get the real steal of the draft here, grabbing Esposito. Shero does an incredible job of drafting the BPA despite the Penguins having a lot of centers. Esposito is ecstatic about going to the Pens and will be motivated to improve. Great pick.
Grade: A+
Picks 21-25 coming later.
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July 8, 2007 1:34 AM ET | Delete
Yeah except the fact that people like anaheim were planning on taking ian cole if the blues didn't come up and grab him. and their overall first round was a great balance with more character and skill then hoping that espostio can learn to play with linemates and use them instead of hanging onto the puck too long. i wanted him though. i'll say that much. but it sounds like cherepanov is doing good things in the prospects camp. that hit on him as inconsistent and underachiever was a misnomer; it had more to do with a player transfer agreement. if one comes into play in the next two years the rangers may have to pay the russian league to bring him over as cherp has said he won't come over this year.
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