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"My Heart Bleeds Orange and Blue"
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Here we are, game three of a series some Sabre fans were calling an easy sweep. With the Islanders 3-2 win on Saturday, the brooms are back in the closet and the game moves to the Island.

Led by Rick Dipietro and a suddenly re-energized roster, the Islanders know that the battle has only begun. Buffalo is known for exploding after a loss and the Islanders need to be ready for it.

Buffalo knows they did not play their best game on Saturday and will be looking to redeem themselves in the eyes of their mates and their fans. The Sabres will come out like a hurricane and the Islanders need to match and/or exceed that intensity.

With the past hanging over the Islanders heads like a cloud of doom and gloom, can they shake off the past and win one. . . or even both at the NVMC? Only time will tell and that time is coming very soon!

A full team effort, exceeding the effort of Saturday will be needed out of our boys and Dipietro will need to take his game to another level. The Sabres are beatable and we can beat them. Believe in that and we may just pull off the near impossible.

Buffalo will come hard. They will come strong. They will carry that energy for a full 60 minutes. Buffalo can score from anywhere in their roster and have excellent goaltending in Ryan Miller. The Sabres are not the President's Trophy winners for nothing and will show tonight why they earned it.

2 hours till game time as of this line I am writing now. Islander fans, show up if you can, cheer your hearts out, lets burst some eardrums. . . 20 miles away.

Lets. Go. Islanders.
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April 16, 2007 5:47 PM ET | Delete
I'd like to remind Isle fans just how loud we can be:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EnQ262BIWkLets shake the place tonight!
April 17, 2007 8:24 AM ET | Delete
I know you live in WNY, but anyone who told you it was going to be an "easy sweep" was just busting your onions as an Isles fan. Most posts I saw had the Sabres in 5 or 6, though I did see one post that mentioned bringing brooms on the road trip to Uniondale. I admit that the officiating wasn't...um, great...in this game, but only managing 2 shots when you're down by a goal in the 3rd period isn't going to get it done. This series is really going to come down to who scores first - it has in all 3 games so far. If the Isles do they can tighten up, like in game 2, and cause the Sabres problems. if the Sabres score first, like games 1
April 17, 2007 8:27 AM ET | Delete
hmmm. Cut off post. Finishing that last comment, If the Sabres score first it will make NY open things up a bit, something I thought they did very well tonight. Regarding bursting of eardrums - let's just hope no one had theirs burst by some flying debris. One of the linesmen was hit right below the eye with a coin. Not a good scene.
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