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"Mike Rizzo"
Macomb, MI • United States • 24 Years Old • Male
Well I had a lot of feedback about my grades in my last blog which I thank all of you that read or commented on that. Of course in the days after that things have changed. The biggest move by far was the most shocking the San Jose Sharks traded Dany Heatley to the Minnesota Wild for Martin Havlat. This was the second trade between the two teams in 10 days the first was Brent Burns to San Jose for Devin Setoguchi. I honestly dont know what the Sharks are doing here they traded away a ton of scoring for a very good Defesemen and (when healthy) a really good forward. It is clear its for cap relief because according to capgeek.com the Sharks have 6.1 million dollars in cap space. So what is the move that San Jose makes are they going to go after Zach Parise or a another RFA, or are they using that money to resign Brent Burns as he is a UFA next season. What are your opinions on this?
Now on to the Wings front why in the good lord's world does Jonathon Ericsson have a no trade clause granted its a modified no trade clause, but knowing that Ericsson is getting paid 3.2 million dollars for 3 years plus he has a no trade clause makes me cringe. Red Wing fans have been saying "In Holland we trust" but this offseason has a lot of us shaking our head myself not included. I disagree about that I think Ericsson's deal is horrible BUT the thing i admire about Ken Holland and the Wings management is that they have not been spending money for the sake of spending money thats why the Ericsson deal is so shocking to us. Obviously the most watched Red Wing this year good or bad is going to be Ericsson. I personally hope at the end of the season you all on here can say I am a moron for complaning about Ericsson's deal but I do not see it happening.
Finally after my last blog Brad Richards announced he was signing with the Rangers as I thought he was going to. Does that make the Rangers better and who should be the Rangers new captain now that Chris Drury got bought out?
Well that is it for this weeks blog. Next week's blog discussion I will leave up to all of you comment in the comment box on what you think I should talk about or what you would like me to talk about. Since this is the offseason hockey news is not going to come as much until September. So comment in the comment box for what you guys will like me to talk about next week.
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July 10, 2011 4:49 PM ET | Delete
Great article as always wingfan next week do a top 10 players list, im interested to see who your top 10 is and i think it would be an interesting discussion
July 10, 2011 4:52 PM ET | Delete
Thank you for reading i really appreciate it. I like that idea we'll see what other people like Chris but i like that idea a lot.
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