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Top 10 NHL Players today

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Well thank you to Chris H. for commenting on my last blog you got to decide what I talk about in this one and you suggested doing the Top 10 Players in the NHL today so here it goes starting from 10 and ending at 1:

10. Joe Thorton- The reason Big Joe is so low on my list is because of his playoff failures. Whether its bad luck or he just fails in the big moments I dont know. But in my opinion it is looking more and more like he is the one who is causing the playoff failures.

9. Shea Weber- This guy is one of the main reasons why I want the Red Wings to get the hell out of the Central Division and head East. Shea Weber is on his way to having a GREAT career. When Shea inks that longterm deal with the Predators the Preds will be a force to reckon with for many years to come because Weber will win quite a few Norris Trophies.

8. Tim Thomas- 2 Vezina's and a Stanley Cup champion also had aruguably the greatest single season of any NHL goaltender ever

7. Ryan Getzlaf- Getzlaf is a Stanley Cup winner, a olympic gold medalist and a 2 time allstar. The only reason he is not higher on the list is he does not have the personal achievements as a St Louis and Lidstrom etc. But I would love the Wings to somehow acquire Getzlaf this guy is a beast and will win a couple MVP's.

6. Martin St Louis or as the Housewives of wherever there from call him Martin Saint Lewis- Consistent 30 goal scorer, 100 point potential and a Hart trophy. At age 36 it does not appear that St Louis is slowing down anytime soon.

5. Nick Lidstrom- 41 years old and won his 7th Norris. If he wins his 8th Norris next year it may be time to put him above Orr for the greatest defensemen of all time. I shudder to think what life will be like for the Red Wings when he finally hangs up his skates.

4. Alex Ovechkin- This may cause a lot of controversy with people on here but Ovechkin can not get out of the 2nd Round. Where as the number 3 player on my list has already made it to the Conference Final. After the offseason the Capitals have had maybe this year is the year the Caps get over the hump.

3. Steven Stamkos- First of all sorry Ek but I believe Stamkos is staying in Tampa and I believe it is longterm unlike what your "sources" say. Stamkos will score 50 goals this season and for many seasons to come but what puts Stamkos over Ovechkin is what happened this year how Stamkos was able to get to the Conference Final as Ovechkin can not get out of the 2nd Round.

2. Pavel Datsyuk- I will be criticized by Red Wing fans but Dats is number 2 on my list he is a Stanley Cup champion, Lady Byng winner and a Selke Winner and is finally getting national notice after these playoffs. He does not get the 40 goal seasons or 100 point seasons as the number 1 guy on my list but he is the most important offensive player the Red Wings have on their team when he goes down the Wings struggle.

Drumroll Number 1 is:

1. Sidney Crosby- Best Player in the game even when he played 41 games as a NHL fan I am very hopeful that the Concussion he suffered doesnt hurt his career but I sadly have thoughts of Eric Lindros come into my head when I hear about Crosby. He has had 4 100 point seasons in his 6 year career and the 2 years he did not get 100 points were the years he was hurt and only played 51 and 41 respectively. Lets all hope Crosby can get healthy and play a full season this year.

Well that was my top 10 best NHL players list I hope that you all enjoyed this blog and as always comments are appreciated and you can place them right at the bottom of this blog. Next week I will keep this top 10 thing going and will give you all my opinion on the top 10 players of All time.
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