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"Go Flames Go!"
Okotoks, AB • Canada •
Today I decided I was feeling energetic enough to write 2 blogs.

With the Flames on a 7-game home stand and playing 6 games in 11 nights and playing pretty decent these days - I thought it was high time I found something that could keep my wife entertained each of those nights.

The first thought was to leave it in the capable hands of my 15-month old son. If anyone could keep her occupied, it was him. Alas, when the games come on, he's long gone to bed so that was out.

Second thought: her sister. If anyone could get her out of my hair for 2 1/2 hours of great hockey action, it would be her sister. Hmmm, she has a newborn - that's out.

I was stumped, she's not much into night-time TV and she likes to stay home - what's a hockey fan to do??

And then it dawned on me - PVR. Of course, all of those crappy daytime shows she loves (you guys have girls like it too) like Oprah, Dr. Phil, the freakin' food network she could watch - at night - and be out of my way.

There you have it, the PVR is bought, she's excited about TV again and best of all - GAME ON FOR ME!

Now to convince her of Center Ice.
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