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"Go Flames Go!"
Okotoks, AB • Canada •
Tonight Game 4 of the Flames-Red Wings series goes at 7:30MST (9:30EST for the majority of readers on here) and to say something that is obvious - Calgary needs the win. Not only do the need the win, they need to get it in convincing fashion.

Sure they beat the Red Wings 3-2 on Tuesday night but many of the glaring errors the Flames made in Games 1 & 2 are still around. Step 1 is to find a way around an impressive and grueling forecheck the Red Wings put out there. I am always impressed with the way those guys force you to make the perfect play. Not only do they do this 5-on-5, but on PKs as well, they force you. Flames need to get a handle on this.

Also, passing has to be better. The last 3 games it has been atrocious (yeah, I said it) and guys need to be making better passes. Guilty Flame #1 is Brad Stuart. I know the Calgary Sun writers gave him an A+ effort in the win on Tuesday but I left the game saying that trading for Stuart is seeming to be a bad idea. Sure the guy can hit but he has to make better plays out of his own zone.

I would love to see a 3-1 or 4-1 score tonight in favour of the Flames but realistically I can see this one being a 2-1 win.

All we need is that road win in Detroit on Saturday and the momentum is officially ours. But I don't want to get ahead of ourselves...

Enjoy the game all and GO FLAMES GO!
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April 19, 2007 5:04 PM ET | Delete
I don't think they need a convincing win. I'm not sure Detriot will let a team run one up on them. What the Flames need is a win, period. You are definetly right about the passing though, the only win to defeat that suffocating forecheck is fast crisp passes that allow the Flames to break out of their zone in an efficient way. I agree about Stuart, sometimes he's great and other times he looks llike he's trying to give the game away (literally).
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