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Cliff Notes on Kyle Wellwood

Posted November 16, 2008
There's nothing quite more satisfactory than scoring on the team that recently told you "We don't think you're quite worthy for this team, you're being put on waivers" Mr. Kyle Wellwood got to feel this just a few hours ago when he lit the lamp against his former Toronto Maple Leafs, shoveling the puck past Vesa Toskala in the first period. Quite frankly, I was one of the people who disagree... Read More »

Element of Suprise

Posted July 18, 2008
Last year, the Toronto Maple Leafs finished 7th last in the league after a dissappointing campaign that had high expectations. They failed to make the playoffs for a third straight year mainly because of poor defensive play and inconsistant back-up play by Andrew Raycroft. Quite Frankly, I don't think Paul Maurice was quite up to the task of coaching in Toronto. However, the wrongs were cor... Read More »

On Pace For....

Posted March 10, 2008
Assuming that everyone's win-loss-otL-soL ratio stays the same, I took the time to calculate how many points everyone will have by the end of the season. [b]Eastern Conference[/b] NEW JERSEY DEVILS- 102 Points Montreal Canadiens 100 Points CAROLINA HURRICANES- 91 Points Pittsburgh Penguins- 100 Points Ottawa Senators- 97 Points New York Rangers- 96 Points Boston Bruins- 95 Points Phila... Read More »

Thoughts on the Steen signing

Posted February 23, 2008
With all the trade speculation going on with Mats Sundin and Bryan McCabe along with others, it seems as if Toronto has forgotten about the younger players on the team. Last night, Steen and the Maple Leafs have agreed on a two year contract worth 3.4 million dollars. I say, bravo Cliff Fletcher. Thank God that Ferguson was not around to make this extension instead. He would have probably give... Read More »
Needless to say, Ferguson has left one hell of a mess in Toronto. Currently, Toronto has about 49.8 Million dollars committed to players, with about .7 million dollars left in Cap space. However, for next season, there are 19 players signed to 44 million dollars. Assuming that the cap goes up to 53 million, we will have 9 million left to ATTEMPT to get back, Sundin, Steen, Stajan, Wellwood, Belak,... Read More »