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Battered Already!

Posted 2:27 PM ET | Comments 0
What a battle on Wednesday. That one will go down in history as one to remember. It may have put us back on course. There were periods down the stretch of the regular season that the Canucks started getting lazy. This last game was a great start.

Can we now, after losing potentially three players, keep the battle going and build on the successes of game #1? I certainly hope so. Luongo is on, and I think we can expect to see his "A" game from here on in. The Sedin's are looking great in the playoffs so far too.

We've been accustomed for far too long seeing our stars disappear when it matters (the playoffs). Looks like we have some clutch playoff performers this time around which is a breath of fresh air. Haven't seen good Canucks playoff hockey in a while. I'm anxiously waiting for game 2 and have already started the countdown. Let's dig down deep and crush these Stars!

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