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Nail biting time

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Here's another blog about the Canucks and their dwindling chances to get past the Stars.

I am an optimist and I feel there have been some good things that came from the last couple of games. I watched both games and for the most part haven't written the Canucks off. I like our offense in game 1 and felt our defense and goaltending came around near the end. As much as I hate to say it, I think our guys came out absolutely flat in game 2. My guess is it was because of exhaustion in that they had to roll 3 lines compared to the Stars healthy 4 in game 1. I'm not making excuses for their poor play, I'm just giving them the benefit of the doubt. We have yet to see some real hockey yet. In game 2 we were able to keep Turco busy more so with more pucks going his way. Vigneault commented that both goals were scored in the first few mintues of periods 1 and 2. I am finding myself liking AV more so than any coach we've had in my memory. I like his awareness and work ethic and feel he'll get the guys focused. I don't think it was a fluke that we won the Norhwest Division (arguably the toughest division in the league), had the best penalty kill, and the best record in the second half. We played well and earned it. We turned the negative stories into positive ones and it's now time to get back to basics and play the way we have been. Dallas plays the same way we do its like looking in the mirror. I feel we can do it better. This series is still up for grabs now it's the best of 5 series.

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