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Knew they had it in 'em

Posted April 28, 2007
Despite the media and all the nay sayers Vancouver pulled even with the Ducks and made the series look a lot more even than what it appeared after game 1. Game 1 was tough to watch. My first thoughts were "These aren't the Canucks!". Somebody dressed the LA Kings instead. I'm glad they got that all straightened up. And now having the series return to Vancouver to win the next two at home, I li... Read More »
What are your thoughts on this matchup? My recollection of the season series was that Vancity lost 3 and won 1. The one we won we played Sabourin. So maybe we should rest Luongo for the next round seeing Sabourin had the better record?? No way! I don't know why we won that one game, my guess is that it was during their injury problems. Pronger and S. Niedermayer both were probably out of the line-... Read More »

Must Win Game 7

Posted April 23, 2007
Who would have thought the series would have evolved the way it has over the last week or so. We now are back where we started. The only advantage is now to the Canucks who are at home. You could argue that Dallas has the momentum and so they have the advantage. The Canucks' inability to score on Turco has also tipped the scale towards Dallas. Dallas has been playing with their backs against the w... Read More »

Like the odds now?

Posted April 18, 2007
Vancouver edged another victory away from Dallas. The series is extremely close and yet on paper now it seems different. What is it that's putting the Nucks in the win column? The obvious answer is Luongo. Turco has been good too don't get me wrong. This series has been all about the goaltending and Luongo has been outshining Turco. Could the Canucks be playing this well with Cloutier? I think not... Read More »

Nail biting time

Posted April 15, 2007
Here's another blog about the Canucks and their dwindling chances to get past the Stars. I am an optimist and I feel there have been some good things that came from the last couple of games. I watched both games and for the most part haven't written the Canucks off. I like our offense in game 1 and felt our defense and goaltending came around near the end. As much as I hate to say it, I think... Read More »

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