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Ducks have <strike>19</strike> 2 games remaining. Here are the opponents and number of games and the actual outcomes.

Calgary - 1 home game (W)
Chicago - 1 home game (W), 1 road game (L)
Colorado - 1 home game (W), 1 road game (L)
Dallas - 1 home game (W), 1 road game (W)
Los Angeles - 1 home game (W), 1 road game
Montreal - 1 home game (W)
Ottawa - 1 home game (W)
Phoenix - 1 home game, 2 road games (OTL,W)
San Jose - 1 home game (L), 1 road game (L)
St Louis - 2 home games (W, W)
Vancouver - 1 home game (W)

Versus the Eastern Conference, Ducks have 2 games left and have faired well versus other opponents. Benefit of the doubt, Ducks split these 2 games. Ottawa wants some revenge.

Versus the Central Division, the Ducks have 4 games. Versus Chicago they are 2-0. Against St Louis, they are 0-1-1. Ducks are going to ramp it up in the final stretch and win 3 of 4.

Versus the Northwest Division, the Ducks have 4 games and have lost 8-9-1. One game against Calgary and Vancouver each, Ducks will split. For some reason, Ducks have trouble against Vancouver this year. Maybe it's payback time for Vancouver. Ducks will sweep the Avs.

The remaining 9 games are versus the Pacific Division. The Ducks own the Sharks, but that doesn't mean they will never lose. I think it will be next season before they lose to SJ again. But it's another story versus Dallas. They seem to never lose. Ducks will be fortunate to get 1 win out of 2.

The 5 games between Phoenix and LA will be spoiler games. Ducks play LA, then Phoenix for the final 2 games. No doubt the playoff aspirations of the Ducks will be known by then. Also, those 2 games are played on back-to-back nights. Ducks will drop those 2, but win the other 3.

So by my record, the Ducks will finish 13-6 for the remainder of the season. This would put them at 99 points and a sure playoff spot. It won't win the division. And it's no guarantee of a 4th place finish. If the Ducks can somehow manage to turn some of those 6 losses into wins against tough opponents, they could push to challenge for the Pacific title again, and head into the playoffs on a hot streak.

Predicted record: 13-6=26pts
(Actual Record: 12-4-1=25pts, 2 games remain)

Overall 61.5%
Home 73.7%
Road 50.0%

First Half 52.4%
Second Half 71.6%

Before Scott 50.0%
Since Scott 70.5%
Since Selanne 79.5%

1-Goal Games 67.6%
2+Goal Games 56.1%

Obviously, the chances of the Ducks winning or losing a game depends on the opponent, and not the past history of the Ducks.

Itlan @8-)

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They could push to challenge for the Pacific title again, and head into the playoffs on a hot streak. Mobile Service
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