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I don't have a mathematician's mind. But I like to write programs. My statistical analysis of the NHL started in 2003 when the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (as they were known back then) were looking like they were going to make the playoffs. I made a very simple Excel spreadsheet to track the progress of the standings points for the Ducks. It can be seen here and then click on 2002-03 tab. Not exactly mind-blowing.

In 2006, when the Ducks appeared to be on their way again, I created another Excel spreadsheet which tracked all 30 teams, and their standings points. It was updated by hand every night. I don't have a copy of that original, but it's successor can be seen here. It now predicts the Playoff Cutoff point number, and also the records each team must complete to reach that number. It is updated semi-automatically when I click a button in the spreadsheet.

Other spreadsheets I have created which are useful to me are my Points Calculator and Draft Pick Tracker. The first requires MS Office installed, and the Office Web Components. If you get that stuff working, you can change the point values awarded for Wins, OTW, OTL, SOW, and SOL. Want to know what the standings would look like if the Shootout didn't exist? Change SOW to 1, then sort. How about 5 pts for a Win, 4 for OTW, 3 for SOW, 2 for SOL, and 1 for OTL? Easy.

My skills pale in comparison to some others out there. I have collected a large number of websites that I think are really handy to have when you are doing research, or are just curious. Hockey, like a lot of sports, lends itself well to statistical analysis. One could say that we are only in the infancy of really hashing out the numbers.

View the list here.

Feel free to add any links you have that are real gems!

Itlan @8-)
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can you add www.frozenpool.com , it's really quite good
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