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"Line change up for Life "
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I to will do the famous “prediction section” as to
• Who will be the MVP
• Which team will fold like napkin and be tossed away
• Who will be the most hated guy
• Which team going ride the lucky plucky ride
• And lastly, who is actually taking the Lord Stanley home for dinner and a drink?

Lets start with the quickie matchup rundown (teams/games/thoughts):

In the East

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals
Penguins – Islanders – 4-1
Did anyone, anyone think of any different ending.

Canadians – Senators – 3-4
This will be a proper bloodbath, Eller first casualty.

Rangers – Capitals – 2-4
They may think this is the year, but NYR was just sluggish.

Bruins – Maple Leafs – 4-1
Leafs was in for a teaching, nice to see playoff back in T.

Eastern Conference Semi-Finals
Penguins – Senator – 4-1
Do we even dare to talk about “revenge” – Cooke & serve.

Bruins – Capitals – 4-2
The Bruins are heavier and nastier, Ovi never liked Chara.

Eastern Conference Finals
Penguins – Bruins – 4-2
Equal in many ways – but not in skillset – Iginla shines!

In the West

Western Conference Quarterfinals
Blackhawks – wild – 4-1
Wild just have to come back next year, they in the process.

Red wings – Ducks – 2-4
Everything lays on Z, Dats, Franz, Kroner and Howard – NO!

Canucks – Sharks – 4-3
Secondary scoring will be Shark letdown like always.

Kings – Blues – 2-4
The Blues does redeem them self from last years fall-down

Western Conference Semi-Finals
Blackhawks – Ducks – 4-2
Ducks is just not a team enough for the hawks this time.

Canucks – Blues – 3-4
This may come as an upset but Canucks get outfought.

Western Conference Finals
Hawks – Blues – 4-1
Here the Blues-will, will get outdone by the hawks sniper stance.

Stanley Cup Finals

Blackhawks – Penguins – 4-3

None of the teams I like but they are the present best – hate Sid but would love to give Iginla one actually. Toews who I would say is the MVP does what he does best, drives his team to success and here it is. Have a nice dinner date with the old grumpy Lord Stanley.

MVP – Toews

The napkin goes to – Kings, they was riding last year, this year they are in not even in the back seat.

Hated guy – Cooke will always feature but I would go with someone like Lucic, just see when he pops Sindy Crybe in the final.

Rollercoast ride – Blues under Hitchcock, he knows his team and they go with the ride.

Stanley Cups Champions

Chicago Blackhawks
It’s all the Bowman aka Puppet master guy in the back who pulls those strings. Bowman jr has to get the credit.

Extra - My wish is that Toronto Maple Leaf won it all and that they beat St Louis in the final.
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