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"Line change up for Life "
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The Draft…
I guess you could blame the roof that is coming down and all the minding of whom to buyout for this years draft being kind of a boring one. Nothing to hype, the media try to make a hen out of an egg of the “Jones getting picked at nr 4”-kind of thing. That issue was really nothing to debate, teams seems to address their needs and so the shuffle just came like that. I for one also think that the Predators made a good steal and worked things wisely as they always do. In some way they really are the blue-collar Detroit-inherit. Detroit really does nothing fancy at the draft, they have their scouts properly prepared and just choose what they need to choose and be happy with it.

I thought Toronto would be somewhat more active, the Bolland rush was nice, but! rnThe Bozak merry-go-round I hope don’t end in a super long term contract, I don’t understand why give anybody longer than 4 years unless it is like for the Pens who has those top guys or in Detroit who signs their captain to a long term contract. If you know and understand first class sport you know that people usually are not consistent for like ten amazing years but rather have like 2 super years and 3-4 good and upper good once and also some really bad once. Paul Holmgren, Gillis and Sather should understand that by know.rnrnNow onto Vinny L new home and whereabouts. I think it was really a waste that he went to the Flyers, for me Paul Holmgren does not strikes me as a to clever GM. His moves comes out partly erratic and it does not seem to be any long-term idea. It all started with the Richard and Carter trades, then now Briere buyout and Bryz also. Now he lacks a proper goalie, a leader, still has no defense to show for it and the rumors say he is going to trade Coburn. What is still left besides Hartnell, Giroux and the young tandem of Couturier and B Schenn. Philly should fire him as soon as they can, and from one stupid GM to another…

The Daft…
I say it out loud; I think that Mr Gillis must be the one wearing the moose head at the next GM meeting. Uncle Lou, as one of the more respectable GM’s who is sitting by the just a wee bit bigger table laughing when he has do parade it.rnrnHow do you trade your soon to hit prime age goalie for just a pick and a well decent prospect but still a prospect? For some reason I do really think that there is some kind of internal bully order by the GM’s. Same when Ray Shero just bought Jay Feaster a coffee with some extra cream to get Iggy.

I may give GM of Vancky Cuver a small ribbon to hang on to, and that is that I don’t really felt that Schneider really was that top-a-top goalie that he should be but still he has some future. Now what they gonna do? Go with Läck as back up and Luongo as number one, and if he breaks down. rnrnAND that comes after giving Tortorella the nod, another one I am not sure of. He does not strike me as someone who can work the stave a Canadian city full of snarling fans in his way. Canucks I feel is going to have to work to make it in the top four next season and even more going anywhere the second round.

The rest…
I give my early prediction of next years Stanley Cup winner already so I can say I said it first. I give it to the Chicago Blackhawks. This time around they do what many has waited for, win in a row. The pieces they let go will be filled with even better players since they really do have proper prospects, I think Jimmy Hayes going for it this year. Also they will resign Kruger that had a very solid season, who I like a lot, he is the new Samuel Påhlsson. He is the new dependable guy at center who keeps the goal-against-rate at minimum.

I like to address my likings for the swedes coming up, this year I will be very, very curious as to the role that Oliver Ekman-Larsson will take and be given, he should really rule the Coyotes defense. Same as Brodin, a full season is not a half one but he now has the taste. Zibanejad and Silvferberg in Ottawa, Nyqvist in Moto-town and many more. rnI will gather my info later and write something longer on that topic.

I am really waiting to for the free agency to hit the stride, this offseason has been slow or maybe I am just longing for hockey and just have abstinence after the really wicked finals ended.

See you later!
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