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"Line change up for Life "
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Many are the thoughts on whats going on in the Ducks camp?

- Getzlaf has one goal
- Kesler one goal
- Perry has seven
- Goaltending stable but not decided - still three goalies in the mix
- New arrival Hagelin miss managed early out (now maybe out of the closet)
- Defence good - but is it playoff good - not in my mind

What I would call all this is that the "Bourdreu bug" has hit the ducks!
What exactly is the Bourdreu bug then?

It is when Mr. BB finally has his team playing his super offence style like they did last year. It is when his teams really hit the point production button.
Although this is unfortunate, as argued here it is actually a typical "false picture" in that is only obscure the fact that BB do not teach a complete system. He is a mono-system coach. Meaning, he dont instil adaption in the system. The only adaption there is is his volume of his voice and red tone on his face as he slowly looses his dressing room.

Been there done that…!
That’s what happened when he was at the Caps and you can see it slowly deteriorating now. The main cogs like Getz and Perry won't stand for bad results like these to long. To not be able to close out pillar games against Hawks and Preds and the likes always come back to haunt them in the playoff.
BB is also a terrible playoff coach, he does not have any tricks up his sleeves and therefor last year where they followed their own bandwagon and thought their good form was "it" but it would never last against proper opposition. Their D is a better component this year but depth is still an issue. I see BB will being sacked in the Christmas break, no doubt about it. The Ducks may probably make the playoff but since new coach will not be able to instil a new system they will go out in the second round.

Whats left really?
This season will be the same as most others, and the team will shuffle out the forth line Patrick Maroon - Mike Santorelli - Chris Stewart. Maroon does not command a claim for a rostersspot if he is not gelling with top line duties. The others are journeymen and can se Columbus trading for Stewart for pics. Dallas could trade for Santorelli as playoff depth. Third line, Hagelin may retrieve his high tempo preassure game but Horcoff should play on his last fiddle and Cogliano should stay on as he is utility player. That leaves a rather top heavy roster as been the case since long time back. And as such the main obstacles resist in that since BB's system never make the team better when challenged by top opponents and leave Ducks top lines to do all the work. We all know what depth means to be able to go deep in the playoff.

One point of analysis is how Hagelin been doing. In Rangers, a system and top of the pops defence had him putting up vital points and playing his role perfectly. Now, in a bad system that gives him less grasp of third and fourth line roles, he struggles.

Time is up
I state then that Ducks now is going to feel the wrath of the imaginary idea of them playing like and occupy the position of a contender. On the contrary they are live and play in a flawed system that rather pays tribute to the coaches happy go lucky idea of high score-lame structure approach than a for instance Quennvillian style where adaption-minded system. The latter keeps the team on their heels and role perfection where BBs structure earn individual players some trophys like Ovi or Perry but never anything for the team. Look at someone like M. Kruger, he waited the longest to stay on a hawks team as he knows he is average but in Hawks system he is vital if playing his role. If he for instance would have gone to the Duck he would have been traded in two years time again. And with that a unwinding career would start its downsping.

Sorry Ducks, winter is coming.
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The only adaption there is is his volume of his voice and red tone on his face as he slowly looses his dressing room. auto glass replacements
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