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"Mike's Random Musings about hockey"
West Lafayette, IN • United States • 21 Years Old • Male
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Before I get to the fun part of this off-topic entry, I'd like to tell you about my thoughts about Patrick Marleau. Ek wrote on Sunday that the Jackets are interested in Marleau. Those of you who have read some of my entries know I have been really hoping that the Jackets could pick up a big scoring forward. So in that case, I'm pretty excited to see if the Jackets will get Marleau. The only problem I could see is that they may have to give up something big. With that being said, I'm not sure what it would take, and I'm going to look at this more in depth tomorrow, and hopefully things will develop.

<h3><i>Super Paper Mario</i></h3>
I'll admit, I'm kind of a nerd, and I love my video games. So on Saturday night I went down to Micro Center with my Dad, because what else is better than going to a tech-store on a boring Saturday night in Ohio. I needed to find a set of cheap speakers, and I found this set I like: Logitec's R-20 set is 2.1 sound for only $25. Plus I've never had any problems with Logitec hardware. So theyre out of stock. No need to panic, I'll just go look for them elsewhere, no problem. So I mention to my Dad, hey let's go look at games for the Wii. So we head over there, and they have Guitar Hero II set up on a PS2, so of course I have to go play "Hangar 18" and show off. So afterwards, we look at the Wii games, and we saw <i>Super Paper Mario</i>, and I mention that game is good from what I've heard from one of my friends. He tells me that he read a good review online as well. As bored as we were on this night, we decide to buy it.

So we get home and start playing. It starts out with a very long introduction that is warranted, but not a problem if the game is good. Well it turns out to be great. I like the throwback style to the old Mario games. However, what amazes me most is the uniqueness of this game. Early in the game you learn an ability to "flip dimensions". What that entails is changing the game from a 2-D game to a 3-D game. With the story, it fits hand-in-hand. Theres also an RPG element to the game, which adds another dimension (no pun intended) to it. This game has helped me realize why I went back to the Nintendo system (I bought a PS2 in the last console generation, which by no means is a bad system). Their games are so much fun, even if they are a bit cartoony at times.

<h3>What would Wii Hockey look like?</h3>
So with innovative games like this on the Wii, you almost have to stop to think how will hockey work? It's really tough for me to visualize it, without using a Gamecube or Playstation controller. It's the only concept I can think of where it is kind of difficult to come up with movement oriented ideas. Maybe fighting? Stick-checking on a back-check? What do you think?

P.S. Like usual, I am taking suggestions for Retro-buzz.
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If there is one thing I never thought I'd see, it would be Mario and Bowser playing hockey on the Wii. But I did, at Nintendo's press conference in San Francisco.The game is called "Mario Strikers Charged," and it's a sequel to the Game Cube game "Mario Strikers." The game will be released in May, along with a new Wii controller that has a built-in speaker.
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It starts out with a very long introduction that is warranted, but not a problem if the game is good!
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