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If there is one thing that annoys me most about the Blue Jackets, its the fact that they still have Jody Shelley. I have no beef with him as a person, however I think he doesnt fit in the Jackets roster, even with the injuries. Sure he might be an enforcer, but I think that position is already been filled by some of the younger players.

<h3>Shelley's Stats</h3>

First let's look at Shelley's stats this year. He has done nothing. In the 24 games hes played in, he has 0 goals, 0 assists, 0 points, -1, and 44 PIM. Ok, not a great year so far, but how has he done throughout his career? In 373 NHL games, all of them with Columbus, he has scored 11 goals, 18 assists, 29 points, -25, and 1,025 PIM. What you can see from these stats, is that he is an enforcer, and doesn't provide much more than that.

<h3>Who is he taking a roster spot away from?</h3>
Watching the Jackets this season, I firmly believe that we need some scoring, because we are fairly physical team. Between Jared Boll, and Ole-Kristian Tollefson the Jackets have the enforcing power they need. The Jackets' AHL affiliate, the Syracuse Crunch, could always use another physical player. What I am suggesting is that the Jackets send down Jody Shelley and free up a spot for one of the younger players to develop, because it looks like the only way he has developed is in being an enforcer, and not in production.

So here are 3 guys who could easily make the roster look stronger in production:<br/>
<b>Zenon Konopka</b> is a 26 year old Center from Niagra Falls, ONT. He is 6'0" and 215 lbs. In 21 games, Konopka has 8 goals, 8 assists, 16 points, with a +7 overall. He is penalty prone averaging 2.5 PIMs per game. <br/>
<b>Adam Pineault</b> is a 21 year old Right Wing from Holyoke, MA. He is 6'1" and 201 lbs. In 35 games this season Pineault has 5 goals, 14 assists, 19 points, and 0-1 overall. Averaging a point every 2 games is better than Shelley's 0 points per game.<br/>
<b>Derek MacKenzie</b> is a 26 year old Center from Sudbury, ONT. He is 5'11" and weighs 185 lbs. He has 10 goals, 13 assists, for 23 points, and an overall -2. He could be a good substitute for an injured Fredrik Modin. <br/>

So in conclusion, the Jackets could do themselves a favor and bring in a potentially producing forward, and rid themselves of an extra enforcer. While it is nice to have a physical force, it would be nicer if that physical force could be a little more productive. Or even just another player who can score a few goals.
December 28, 2007 3:29 PM ET | Delete
I agree. I feel the same way about Darcy Hordichuk for us. As little as Darcy plays and fights, we might as well dress someone who can do something.
December 29, 2007 12:45 AM ET | Delete
Totally agree. Makes me mad that they won't get rid of him. He's a fan favorite and the ignorant people in Columbus who don't know anything about hockey like to see fights, and people buy up his jerseys, so they keep him around.It's too bad, because he really is a nice guy.
December 29, 2007 5:19 AM ET | Delete
Those three are career third-liners at best. They won't solve your problem. Of course, Brassard may not be ready yet. Voracek is busy at the WJHC. Who else in your system is top 6 quality?
December 29, 2007 8:02 AM ET | Delete
Bring Zenon up. At least he can skate faster than my grandmother.
December 29, 2007 9:40 AM ET | Delete
Man, I feel the same way about Boogaard for us!
January 1, 2008 11:28 AM ET | Delete
The other problem I have with jody, which actually may be the reason he dresses is that he only gives us like 3 min a game of actual ice time, he contributes very little and this season he isn't even an enforcer, boll has the most fights of any player in the league and brings twice as much energy. I havn't seen the point in having shelly for three years now, we need more production and you know what I'll take a career third line player over shelley everyday of the week because he should be a minor leaguer. I hear he is a good guy and he does a lot for the community so u know what take him out give him a position with the team doing something and let him stay with the team on that level just don't let him on the ice, he doesn't do anything positive in my opinion.
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