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A word about Don Cherry

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Before this post, I have a brief announcement. In September, WILY Radio at Purdue University will be airing the second season of <i>High Sticking with Mike and James</i>. I run the soundboard and co-host this live, commercial-free, 90-minute hockey talk show. The day and time is TBD, but will be posted when I find out. The show can be heard at www.wilyradio.com, and there will be more information about the show in the comming weeks, so stay tuned!

I like watching Hockey Night in Canada, and yes I have found ways to watch it. Whether it is YouTube, Center-Ice, etc. I do enjoy the HNIC broadcasts because it's refreshing. I don't mind the Canadian bias that the CBC sometimes has, because its not a big deal to me. It's a Canadian broadcast, I understand that there needs to be some type of bias, for the buisness side of the network. I also really enjoy Don Cherry.(I know that I will take a beating in the comments for it, but there, I said it). First off, his suits are awesome. I like Don Cherry because the man sometimes has a very valid opinion on non-hot topic issues. For example, his plea about changing touch icing, I somewhat agree with, because that is a place where players do occasionally get hurt. There are other times where he is a little outlandish, but hey I can't complain because he is quite entertaining, and in the end that's what the NHL is, entertainment. Shawn Levigne on XM's <i>Hockey This Morning</i> even said this morning: "Don Cherry is his own institution".

One last comment about Don Cherry is that he can appeal to non-hockey fans. One of my best friends is not a big hockey fan. He doesn't hate it, but he is not interested enough to take notice. I introduced him to Don Cherry, by showing him one of the older clips I found on YouTube. I did it because Cherry was going to be on NBC, and I thought he'd like it. He really enjoyed it, and he's even told me that he would watch hockey just to see this guy!

Here's my point though. I may complain about ESPN being slanted against hockey, but I've found other outlets to watch hockey. It may take more time and/or money for these services, but at least I have found other outlets.
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