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A word about Don Cherry

Posted 2:34 PM ET | Comments 3
Before this post, I have a brief announcement. In September, WILY Radio at Purdue University will be airing the second season of <i>High Sticking with Mike and James</i>. I run the soundboard and co-host this live, commercial-free, 90-minute hockey talk show. The day and time is TBD, but will be posted when I find out. The show can be heard at www.wilyradio.com, and there will be more information about the show in the comming weeks, so stay tuned!

I like watching Hockey Night in Canada, and yes I have found ways to watch it. Whether it is YouTube, Center-Ice, etc. I do enjoy the HNIC broadcasts because it's refreshing. I don't mind the Canadian bias that the CBC sometimes has, because its not a big deal to me. It's a Canadian broadcast, I understand that there needs to be some type of bias, for the buisness side of the network. I also really enjoy Don Cherry.(I know that I will take a beating in the comments for it, but there, I said it). First off, his suits are awesome. I like Don Cherry because the man sometimes has a very valid opinion on non-hot topic issues. For example, his plea about changing touch icing, I somewhat agree with, because that is a place where players do occasionally get hurt. There are other times where he is a little outlandish, but hey I can't complain because he is quite entertaining, and in the end that's what the NHL is, entertainment. Shawn Levigne on XM's <i>Hockey This Morning</i> even said this morning: "Don Cherry is his own institution".

One last comment about Don Cherry is that he can appeal to non-hockey fans. One of my best friends is not a big hockey fan. He doesn't hate it, but he is not interested enough to take notice. I introduced him to Don Cherry, by showing him one of the older clips I found on YouTube. I did it because Cherry was going to be on NBC, and I thought he'd like it. He really enjoyed it, and he's even told me that he would watch hockey just to see this guy!

Here's my point though. I may complain about ESPN being slanted against hockey, but I've found other outlets to watch hockey. It may take more time and/or money for these services, but at least I have found other outlets.
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August 11, 2007 1:01 PM ET | Delete
I love Don Cherry... I hate that I have to watch the Leafs every single saturday for the early game, but i can forget about it for 10 minutes whenever Coach's Corner comes on. He tells it like it is. I may not agree with every single thing he says, but most of it I do. You're right, he's Canadian and he's proud of it. Which is one thing a lot of people in this country lack. If you're talking about his bias, I wouldn't mind you explaining what exactly you mean by that. Is it because he talks a lot about good ol' Canadian boys in his show, or always talks about the best team having more Canadians? Just curious. Because he's right on that stuff too.
August 12, 2007 12:39 AM ET | Delete
More the fact that CBC is more biased toward the Canadian team when they play the American teams...but its understandable...I agree with you mslepp that Don is really proud to be Canadian, and I admire that...
August 13, 2007 12:34 PM ET | Delete
For a number of years I couldn't stand Grapes. I'd actually go do something else during intermission. I don't remember what turned it around to be honest, but, I look foward to hearing his take on things now. If I had to pin it down, I think it's the way he trys to relate things to kids, explaining why not to do things at certain levels, etc. Yes he's biased, and opinionated. He's gotten himself in hot water over comments he's made, but, he will admit when he's wrong and make ammends where necessary. It will be a sad day for hockey in general when he retires (assuming he does) or when his time has come.
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