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So after taking a slight beating in the last entry. I'd like to defend my list. There's reasons why I didn't pick certain teams over others. That's not to say that those teams will be great or what not. I respect all 30 franchises in the NHL, and did not look to disrespect anyone, in all honesty. In a list of 5 theres of course going to be teams that get snubbed.

<h3>Tony Amonte in Columbus???</h3>
Eklund has given me something to write that kind of makes me excited! I kind of like this idea. Tony Amonte is not a <i>great</i> forward, but I think he would be a good addition. A consistent 20-30 goal scorer is a good addition to the offense. It's not a big 30-40 goal scorer, but hey Scoring is something the Jackets need going forward, and the Jackets also have a little room to spend. So Mr. Howson, please pick up some scoring, and quit relying on the youth talent. There is going to be a point where the fan support might dwindle if the Jackets continue the path they have been following the past few years.

<h3>The Linux Penguin's revenge</h3>
Those of you who read my entries know that I am a tech nerd, and I know that most of the HB community probably has a computer background and some better than others. Well, on Monday, after I posted I made a decision, I am going to convert my laptop to Linux. I have been contemplating Linux for about 3 years now, and I believe the time has come to embrace the penguin. The reason I've decided now, is because I need to reformat my computer. I will be going with the Ubuntu distribution of Linux, and if anyone out there has anything I should read before converting to Linux, please post or send me any links. I will still have a windows machine on my "gaming rig", but I am going to test out Linux. I have used Linux is some school projects, so I can navigate the GUI part of it to a small degree.

In the meantime, I wonder if the Linux penguin could play hockey?
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