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"Canucks Blogger? But Born In Edmonton. I also once read the CBA. :( Painful."
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I can't seem to vent enough about this and this isn't as a Red Wings fan. I think they'll be fine either way, and I'd be just as pissed as if this were the Caps, Avs or Tampa signing him only to lose to the Islanders.

The Islanders claiming Nabokov off waivers was flat-out disrespectful to the guy. Say what you want about his stats in the playoffs, but he put in 9 years at the highest level and decided to make a commitment to a contender in order to compete for a Cup. He doesn't have years to invest and his stock isn't going to shoot up or down any time soon - no need to prove himself the way Svatos or Wellwood need to do each season. At the age of 35, he's well-past even the age of 31 that led to unrestricted free agency back in the old days 2 CBA's ago and he's earned the right to play where he wants - or at the very least, not to be forced into 'helping' a team where the players are helpless to compete at the highest level.

There's no reason to waste the guy's time this way. He had an agreement with the Wings that would let him condition and be ready to play, but the Isles need a goalie now and that doesn't bode well for a goaltender creeping up in age. The way the Isles are going with DiPietro, in fact, they'll need a goalie now for another dozen years or so.

Snow's pompous attitude about having a "standard player agreement" and buying him a plane ticket just stinks. There's a business side of hockey, but there's a people-side of hockey, too. In managing any business, hockey team or a paper cup factory, if you drive morale low, you can't expect optimal results. Absolutely ridiculous and incredibly low.
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