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"Canucks Blogger? But Born In Edmonton. I also once read the CBA. :( Painful."
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Most of the time I think a young player is pulling some serious BS by holding out and demanding a trade. I tend to think they've been getting bad advice or have egos the size of Manhattan.

In this case, I think Phoenix is really dropping the ball. Ever since Gretzky benched Turris for his first game in Vancouver even though he'd played up until that point, I kept an eye on what Turris was going through there and I think they've made it personal. They've all but stunted his development, not that he's done himself any favours and cleaned up in the ice time he's had, but if you've got a coach like Tippett who relies on veterans and before that a coach like Gretzky who really took it to the kid, why should he give Phoenix any of his time? They're just going to waste it.

On one hand a player is a team's property, but on the other they're men (in the NHL at least... now that Avery's out). They're human, need to feel useful and know that they're growing. Phoenix isn't offering that and, if I was Turris and can't get out, I'd go do something else.
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