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"Canucks Blogger? But Born In Edmonton. I also once read the CBA. :( Painful."
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My First (Only?) Post

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Did anyone see the Canucks and Calgary? Decent game - teams swapping dominance and then fighting it out. My player of the game is Aaron Miller apart from the whole almost-breaking-Luongo thing. He's the Willie Mitchell of '07-08 (but for cheap!).

Hughson said "This game deserves another five minutes!" and luckily it worked out in Vancouver's favour. Teams in the en-dub can't afford to be letting the others have a point here & there and I guarantee this will make a difference at year's end between Vancouver, Calgary, Colorado and Minnesota (in no particular order). Edmonton may be in the mix, too, depending on how quickly the find an identity, some goal scoring, some genuine defence and then overall points.
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October 7, 2007 12:04 PM ET | Delete
Edmonton is a young, fast team. So far (I know, it's only 2 games in) they are averaging 3.5 goals a game (the shootout point in the first game doesn't count). They've only let in an average of 2.5 (not spectacular, but pretty good against the Sharks and the Phillies) and 4 out of a possible 4 points. Vancouver has scored an average on 2.5, they've let in an verage of 3, and have 2 out of a possible 4. But don't change your thinking, we love being considered the underdogs, even if we're not. Guess we'll have to see what happens next Friday and Saturday in the home and home against you guys.
October 9, 2007 11:32 AM ET | Delete
Thanks, Drew. 2 games isn't enough to gather effective stats, but it's great to be optimistic. Edmonton has looked pretty good so far despite taking a loss last night. Want to repost those stats? :) Let's bang heads after 15 games and see where things are at!
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