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"Canucks Blogger? But Born In Edmonton. I also once read the CBA. :( Painful."
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Posted October 28, 2011
Most of the time I think a young player is pulling some serious BS by holding out and demanding a trade. I tend to think they've been getting bad advice or have egos the size of Manhattan. In this case, I think Phoenix is really dropping the ball. Ever since Gretzky benched Turris for his first game in Vancouver even though he'd played up until that point, I kept an eye on what Turris was going... Read More »


Posted October 20, 2011
A lot's been made out of Luongo's recent play on certain goals. I may have, in certain public forums and Facebook pages, called for him to be moved, shut down, pulled or at least replaced with Schneider in a wig, make-up and Lu's jersey. Those have been momentary reactions and I want to apologize, I really do. There's more to life than hockey and I'm watching a team that hasn't finished October... Read More »

On Nabokov and the Islanders

Posted January 24, 2011
I can't seem to vent enough about this and this isn't as a Red Wings fan. I think they'll be fine either way, and I'd be just as pissed as if this were the Caps, Avs or Tampa signing him only to lose to the Islanders. The Islanders claiming Nabokov off waivers was flat-out disrespectful to the guy. Say what you want about his stats in the playoffs, but he put in 9 years at the highest level a... Read More »

Hockey Futures: By The Numbers

Posted July 22, 2008
I've been passively flipping through some of the economic news of the day and have found several sources suggesting that we should not in any way be trading futures on oil and food. Sounds simple enough - why hoard the necessities of the day and drive up the price for those who simply can't afford it? I also just saw that Dennis Wideman just got $15.75M over 4 years. That's an average of just... Read More »

My First (Only?) Post

Posted October 7, 2007
Did anyone see the Canucks and Calgary? Decent game - teams swapping dominance and then fighting it out. My player of the game is Aaron Miller apart from the whole almost-breaking-Luongo thing. He's the Willie Mitchell of '07-08 (but for cheap!). Hughson said "This game [b]deserves[/b] another five minutes!" and luckily it worked out in Vancouver's favour. Teams in the en-dub can't afford t... Read More »


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